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Gerhard Schubert GmbH presents its digital platform for Industry 4.0

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The new digital platform is a total digital package providing maximum production efficiency.

Cutline: At the dashboard, the operator receives all status information on the corresponding TLM system.

CRAILSHELM, Germany– In the future, Gerhard Schubert GmbH (aka Schubert Verpackungsmaschinen) will derive valuable knowledge from its machines’ data, which will serve to further improve customer machines and processes.

To fully capitalize on machine networking and the benefits of Industry 4.0, Schubert has developed the digital platform.

With, a web-based platform is being created, which will raise internal communication as well as communication with customers to an all-new level of performance.


The main objective of is to further optimize production and maintain overall machine efficiency at a high level over its entire service life.

This is achieved by using status and performance data transmitted by the machine, for example, to quickly derive measures for preventive maintenance. In the future, all Schubert Group employees, as well as customers, suppliers and TLM machines, will be able to access the platform. Access will be available through any web browser – via PCs as well as tablets and smartphones.

The first phase on the path towards is the data box.

In the future, this interface developed by Schubert System Elektronik will supplement every one of Schubert’s TLM packaging machines as standard. As a gateway, it retrieves relevant information on maintenance, control and machine performance and transmits it to for evaluation.

A practical application offers possibilities that will go far beyond predictive maintenance and condition monitoring.
 For example, the Schubert TLM F4 robot is equipped with a sensor to monitor the component’s condition, which collects value in its data box which, in real time, sends it to for analysis. is essentially Schubert’s Cloud.

Special algorithms evaluate this data and prepare it for the customer on their dashboard. Through the dashboard, the user has an overview of all processes relating to his TLM packaging system and receives, as an example, individualized recommendations for increasing production efficiency.

 In the context of the application presented, a fictitious production manager receives a notification on his mobile device about an issue relating to his TLM system.

This takes place within the scope of “predictive maintenance” even before the actual wear could lead to a failure. The programme then proposes possible remedial measures to the production manager – and the programme intuitively guides him through the next steps.

 The basis for the visual representation on the dashboard is the digital twin, which is a key element in

This is a three-dimensional image of the TLM machine, which can be moved in real time using the original code from the VMS packaging machine control system.

In addition to the customer-specific application, the digital twin also serves to further perfect design and construction at Schubert. This enables the illustration of all internal steps in the development of packaging machines.

Accelerated design sequences and shorter delivery times are just some of the anticipated customer benefits.

With, a web-based platform is being created, which will raise internal communication as well as communication with customers to an all-new level of performance.

An individually tailored service

One of the digital platform’s special service benefits for customers is spare parts ordering.

Separate spare part lists, which would have to be adjusted when changes are made to the machine, will be obsolete in the future, since the current status of the machine as well as its spare parts requirements will be available directly via a browser. The data accessed by the involved applications is stored only once in a database. Extensive Excel tables, which mostly lead to redundant data and, not infrequently, errors, are entirely eliminated.

By means of corresponding programmes, it will also be possible to evaluate the product quality parameters and to intervene quickly – ideally even before a malfunction arises.

In the future, the data box as a standard component will increase system efficiency over its entire service life. Additionally, customers will benefit from tailor-made services: production processes without unscheduled downtime.

A brief introduction to the Schubert Group
With unwavering resolve and a firm eye on the road ahead, Schubert Verpackungsmaschinen focuses on the current and future requirements of its customers. The company is boldly charting its entirely independent course in terms of technology with its commitment to modular and intelligent TLM packaging lines. Its objective is to provide customers with future-proof solutions that are easy to use, are flexible in terms of format, perform extraordinarily well and exhibit excellent functional stability. At regular intervals the company unveils major leaps forward in innovation that offer customer benefits in new dimensions, thereby conquering new market segments with new technologies.

This family-owned group currently run by the family’s second generation was established some 50 years ago and employs 1,174 people. Thanks to an atmosphere of mutual trust and a high degree of individual responsibility, the company has succeeded in developing its very own culture of innovation. The Schubert Group comprises German and international subsidiaries from the fields of IT, engineering, precision parts and packaging services.

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