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Chicken chips and innovative packaging

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A look at how innovative poultry packaging solutions from SEALPAC can lead to whole new ideas.

When  it comes to such fare as chicken, turkey, duck or goose, today’s kitchen not only values poultry meat for its versatile flavors, but also because it provides biologically important protein and
contains less fat and therefore fewer calories than other meats.

It’s why when it comes to poultry, it has become extremely appreciated by consumers, as seen by its ever-growing share in the global meat consumption in recent years.

Those who want to convince the increasingly demanding consumer of their poultry products need to satisfy in terms of quality and freshness, and it’s why modern packaging solutions can assist in protecting these sensitive products while extending their shelf life.

By adding special features, poultry packaging is able to stand out from the crowd, especially in the fast-growing segment of snacks.

Attractive packaging for classics as well as innovations
Poultry manufacturers continuously have to adapt to the changing habits of consumers. In modern life, fast and easy-to-prepare meals are in strong demand.

Furthermore, out-of-home consumption is constantly increasing, thereby creating a need for snacks and convenience foods. At the same time, consumers are asking for more variety and quality. This is why the industry relies on companies like SEALPAC, a leading supplier of traysealing and thermoforming technology, to develop functional packaging solutions that allow for an appetizing product presentation.

“Modern technologies and materials are able to combine highest product safety with maximum shelf life, and lead to completely new product ideas that enrich the retail shelves,” explains Sealpac International marketing and communications manager Marcel Veenstra.

Whether classic poultry products, such as chicken breast, turkey leg or whole chicken, or innovative poultry snacks – the SEALPAC portfolio contains some exciting solutions that offer true added value to the poultry segment.

Ovenable skin pack in aluminum tray TraySkin allows for no-touch cooking in the traditional oven.

TraySkin provides excellent taste to marinated poultry
For most people, spontaneous outdoor socializing with friends and family is a beloved activity. Nowadays, also among BBQ fans, there is a growing attention for a healthy diet. For those who prefer low-fat products, poultry meat is an excellent alternative.

Here, pre-marinated delicacies are in high demand. These are not just delicious, but also allow for spontaneous grilling, as no time needs to be calculated for making a marinade nor for preparing the meat inside it. SEALPAC’s newly developed TraySkin system is perfectly suited to enhance the taste of marinated, ready-to-grill poultry products.

By means of this special vacuum packaging system, such products are hermetically sealed inside the tray with a highly transparent barrier film that fits the contours of the product like a second skin.

As the contents in the tray are securely held, the product is closely surrounded by its marinade, allowing it to fully develop its flavor. This leads to excellent aroma and perfectly tender meat. Moreover, there is the option of preparing the meat in an oven outside the grill season.

No-touch cooking due to ovenable skin packaging
When it comes to ready meals, poultry is in demand as well. Here, a special version of the TraySkin solution was developed.

By using ovenable skin film to securely seal the product inside the aluminum or CPET (Crystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate) tray, the product can be heated directly inside its packaging in the oven. The result: juicy chicken with excellent taste.

The TraySkin packaging system allows for an extremely hygienic cooking process, as the consumer does not have to touch the raw product. In the meantime, the oven remains completely spotless.

TraySkin xplus for whole birds
Fresh poultry in the shape of whole birds has always been a challenge when it comes to packaging.

This is why SEALPAC developed its special TraySkin xplus system, which allows for vacuum skin packaging of bulky products.

TraySkin xplus for whole birds SEALPAC’s special vacuum skin pack for products with high protrusion.

These are loaded onto preformed trays and reliably sealed, even if protruding up to 90 mm above the tray edge. The system allows the use of extremely flat trays that provide stability to the protruding
product during the entire skin packaging process.

The tight-fitting, transparent skin film provides full view of the product. To ensure that the packaging is not damaged due to the shape or sharp parts (like bones) of the bird, skin film in different thicknesses and properties is available to match the application.

Well-protected, yet perfectly visible and tangible – this makes products in TraySkin xplus packaging true eye-catchers on the retail shelves.

Multi-compartment trays deliver optimal freshness
Not only classic fillets, wings or legs end up in the shopping basket nowadays, poultry has also become a hit among snacks – from breaded chicken nuggets with delicious dips to savory poultry chips.

Within the snacking segment, more and more manufacturers turn to portion-packaging in multi-compartment trays. These packs allow for multiple portions of the same snack or a mix of different snacks with extras.

Due to the perforation, each compartment can easily be pulled off from the others without the use of hand tools. Sealing of the tray can be done in different ways: either one seals the individual cavities all together or every compartment separately. This preserves the taste of each individual component, for example nuggets and dip, and prevents cross-contamination. It also provides new opportunities for product mixtures.

Multi-compartment tray for chicken chips featuring separately-sealed compartments to preserve the taste of each individual portion.

EasyPeelPoint allows for easy opening
Fancy a quick snack, but no knife nearby? Anyone who wants to enjoy a snack on the go relies on secure packaging that is easy to open without tools.

To make sure this is no longer a contradiction, SEALPAC put extra thought to the issue of easy opening.

EasyPeelPoint became the answer, which has proven to be extremely beneficial to snack packaging. With this revolutionary easy opening method, the peel corner is integrated within the sealing contours of the pack. (See image at very top of this article.)

The corner of the top film is pressed into a round cavity and releases from the sealing edge. With the resulting easy-to-grip peel tab, the top film is removed from the pack with minimum force.

By using reclosable film, even more convenience is provided. Individual products are easily removed, while the remaining products are freshly held inside their packaging in the refrigerator without loss of quality – a real benefit for small households.

Poultry in large quantities
When it comes to poultry products in bulk, extended shelf life and optimal product preservation strongly determine the choice of packaging. Quite often, cost-efficient packaging systems are in demand.

That is where SEALPAC recommends flexible film vacuum packaging by means of thermoforming technology. This system is perfectly suited for BBQ products in large volumes.

As the poultry is completely surrounded by its marinade, it is able to fully develop its flavor and tenderness. Modern film properties allow for even more convenience. Among manufacturers that offer bulk packaging, the so-called ‘cook-in film’, which allows the poultry products to be heated inside their packaging, has become more popular – an ideal solution for catering and food services.

Sealpac International marketing and communications manager Marcel Veenstra.

Success made possible, owing to perfectly coordinated packaging concepts
To survive in the highly competitive food industry, choosing the right packaging system is part of the recipe for success. Manufacturers, retailers and consumers all have to be convinced at the same time.

SEALPAC’s Veenstra emphasizes: “This will only be achieved if the entire process is perfectly matched: efficient and accurate processing and packaging equipment, modern and sustainable packaging materials, innovative packaging systems, combined with creativity and a strong dose of experience – these are the best conditions for developing packaging solutions to meet modern demands.“

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SEALPAC is distributed in Canada by Heat Sealing Packaging (HSP), a Toronto-area based supplier of packaging materials and equipment and has been servicing the Canadian food processor industry for over 30 years. HSP services the processor industry specifically in the meat & poultry, produce, dairy, bakery and confectionary markets.

Heat Sealing Packaging is known for its expertise in delivering profitable results through high-quality and creative packaging solutions. An experienced and professional team are at the ready to support the needs of a challenging and ever changing Canadian food industry.

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