Canadian Packaging

SEALPAC goes green

Food manufacturers will also be able to develop entirely new packaging concepts for the future

February 26, 2020
Canadian Packaging

SEALPAC, the German based manufacturer of the lowest cost of ownership line of Traysealers, is committed to providing sustainable packaging solutions to the Canadian market. Along with their Canadian Distributor, Heat Sealing Packaging, they have continued to develop new concepts under their recently launched “GO sustainable!” initiative. After conducting intensive market research and engaging in many customer focused discussions, SEALPAC and HSP are convinced that any new packaging processes in the dynamic fresh food segment must be simple and easy to implement. Sustainable and easy-to-use solutions like FlatSkin, TraySkin and EasyLid have been introduced by teaming up with innovative packaging material suppliers. Food manufacturers, in conjunction with SEALPAC and HSP, will also be able to develop entirely new packaging concepts for the future, as they continue to invest in R&D activities to assist the packaging industry in becoming more sustainable.

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