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Water with a conscience

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New Icebox Water trickles down profits for environmental support.

Cold Spring Harbor, NY—According to the annual philanthropy survey “Giving USA,” consumer contribution to charitable non-profits account for 2 per cent of American GDP (gross domestic product) each year. This percentage has remained steady for several decades.

Changing the way consumers can support positive change without modifying their lifestyles, Icebox Water announces its recent membership with 1% For The Planet, a not-for-profit organization that directly funds environmental sustainability projects worldwide. With each purchase of Icebox Water, consumers join efforts working to improve the health of people and the planet.

Icebox Water sources its water at the source from Canada from the True North Spring, which serves as a crisp and delicious contrast to filtered tap water put in many plastic water bottle brands.

The True North pure natural spring water source and bottling facility are located in a pristine valley near South Brook in rural Newfoundland and Labrador. The water is a favorite among consumers for its pure taste, and the aluminum lining inside the carton acts as an insulator to keep the water fresh and cool, longer.


Icebox Water’s commitment to environmental health began with its package. The brand of pure Canadian spring water is boxed in a unique carton packaging is made from 74 per cent cardboard and pressed paper, that is 100 percent recyclable and free of BPA (bisphenol A).

The package is also compostable in two to 24 months, depending on the conditions. Healthfully disposable and using 76 per cent less plastic than traditional water bottles on the market, Icebox offers a simple, convenient alternative for those needing water on-the-go.

Now, Icebox Water has taken another pledge for the environment by becoming a new member of 1% For The Planet. The organization is comprised of more than 1,200 key influencing companies all over the world, including Kleen Kanteen and Patagonia, who donate one percent of their sales directly to more than 3,000 not-for-profit organizations.

As a dedicated member of this movement, Icebox Water supports 1% For The Planet’s goal of educating, enabling and activating the public to amplify consumer’s awareness of their responsibility to protect our planet. In this way, Icebox Water involves its consumers in global improvement efforts without altering their lifestyles.

This forward-thinking brand of sustainably packaged spring water can be purchased nationwide at Whole Foods, H-E-B, Mother’s Market, Albertson’s, Gristedes and several other natural and grocery retailers.

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