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Pigeon developed the packaging design of the 1st Edition of Oasis single-serve juice box with paper straw

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This 1st Edition is available in limited quantities

Pigeon has been proud to work with Lassonde to develop a new design for the 1st Edition of Oasis single-serve juice box with a paper straw—a first in North America—as part of a market test aimed at introducing a replacement solution for plastic straws.

Consumers can now test the new paper straw offered on containers of 200-ml of 100% Oasis apple juice. This 1st Edition is available in limited quantities and is sold exclusively in 14 IGA grocery stores and 10 St-Hubert restaurants in Quebec.

Working on strong packaging design was key as this new solution had to be immediately understood by consumers. The Pigeon team used a creative approach to make it stand out as a unique product, while being honest that this first edition is a test. First edition being pushed forward, meaning there that there would be more to come. A strategic approach used to create compelling messaging that hit the mark, complimented by a unique design that is sleek and modern.

“People underestimate the difficulties of making something like this happen. Research, production adjustment, testing and development of the prototype have all constituted challenges, but we would rather start now with maybe an imperfect prototype that will allow us to learn and improve to support our shared goal of eliminating all plastic straws” says Claire Bara, Executive Vice-President & General Manager, marketing, revenue management and product development.


While this first edition is a test, Lassonde is already working on the next iteration with R&D team and partners. The trial will drive consumer feedback to inform an improved next edition.

“At Pigeon we take sustainability very seriously. While this is an iterative approach, each little step truly counts. We believe it’s better to start now than wait for the perfect product. That is what we preach every day to our clients. This is a revolutionary idea, and we’re proud to have partnered with Lassonde and that it’s come from a Canadian company.” says Elyse Boulet, Senior Vice President, National Managing Director at Pigeon Brands.

Consumers wishing to express their opinion on cardboard straw are invited to do so through an online survey at


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