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End-of-life is a sweet deal for new ice-cream

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Bracia Koral is setting the pace with the introduction of packages that can be reused once the product is consumed

While the demand for sustainable packaging solutions continues to increase across many global markets, most consumes still expect the same levels of functionality and user-friendliness for their favorite foods.

With that in mind, leading Polish ice-cream producer Bracia Koral is setting the pace in its segment with the introduction of packages that can be reused almost immediately once the product is consumed.

Now used to package the Cream Nut and Chocolate and Mamusia (Mummy’s) Cheesecake flavors of the company’s new Flavours of Childhood range, the 450-ml PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic jars manufactured by RPC PET Power in The Netherlands, the upscale jars offer full benefits of light weigh and impact resistance to ensure safe handling, while ensuring “excellent clarity to showcase the delicious ice-cream,” according to RPC.

Moreover, their practical design makes them reusable for many different purposes, RPC states, further increasing their appeal among consumers.


“We don’t want our empty packs to go immediately in the waste bin, but instead offer a useful second life as a household, workshop or toy container,” says Piotr Gasiorowski, Koral’s sales and marketing director.

According to Gasiorowski, “We selected the jars from RPC PET Power because they best meet our needs, and because the company provides excellent sales service.”


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