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Carton Council of Canada created

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Formed by leading milk and juice carton manufacturers, members seek increase in carton recycling solutions.

Leading Canadian manufacturers in the gable top and aseptic carton industry have established the Carton Council of Canada. The founding members—Elopak Canada Inc., Evergreen Packaging – Canada, SIG Combibloc Canada and Tetra Pak Canada Inc.—want to advance sustainable recycling solutions in Canada by promoting recycling technology and local collection programs in an effort to divert carton packaging from landfills.

Via partnerships with agencies and companies seeking high environmental stewardship, the Council will provide expertise on environmental policy and legislation. While advocating packaging policy developments in Canada focusing on measures that are environmentally and economically sound, the Council aims to improve recycling rates and keep carton collection and recycling cost-effective and competitive.

Says Elisabeth Comere, director of environment and government affairs with Tetra Pak, “The Carton Council of Canada envisions a world in which every carton is recycled. As concerned carton manufacturers and members of the Carton Council of Canada, we will work to minimize the life-cycle impact of our products and optimize the end-of-life management of used cartons.”

Cartons are made mainly from trees—a renewable and renewed resource—have a low carbon footprint and are recyclable. Industry research shows that, throughout its life cycle, cartons are one of the greenest packaging solutions on the market. In addition, collected post-consumer cartons can get a new life as recycled carton fiber is a valuable industry commodity with multiple existing end markets, including tissue and other recycled paper products, as well as industrial and commercial product manufacturing.


The Carton Council of Canada will seek to further improve the environmental performance of cartons by working with the entire recycling value chain to facilitate a sustainable infrastructure for carton recycling.


  • Work with processors to sort cartons into separate grade;
  • Facilitate strong North American end-markets for cartons;
  • Create top-of-mind awareness among consumers for carton recycling;
  • Share knowledge and industry expertise with governments to promote attainable waste diversion goals.

“Though we are proud of the environmental profile of our products and are committed to optimizing the end-of-life management of used cartons, we cannot do it alone,” Comere explains. “The Carton Council of Canada will engage brand owners, retailers, and the recycling value chain—municipalities, sorters and recyclers—to support carton recycling. Furthermore, we plan to educate and motivate Canadians to use their recycling facilities and play a role in increasing carton recycling rates.”

According to the Council, nearly 94 per cent of Canadians have access to carton recycling while official provincial data claims that only 43 per cent of cartons nation-wide are recycled.

As a first step in realizing its goals, the Carton Council of Canada reached out to key industry and government stakeholders to share its mission and seek feedback to shape its directive.

“Industry associations play an important role in bringing together key players and providing an opportunity to present a collective voice on important issues,” states Justin Sherwood, president of the Canadian Beverage Association. “In addition, associations help facilitate change and advancement as well as increasing industry awareness. We support The Carton Council of Canada and the role they will play in helping raise awareness of carton recycling.”

The Carton Council of Canada is a part of Carton Council North America. For more information, visit


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