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Valco Melton Offers Specialty Heated Hoses For Cold Glue

December 4, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

As seasons change and the weather gets cold, ambient temperatures in production areas also drop that can cause problems with water-based adhesives.

Standard cold glues can change in viscosity by up to two per cent for every one degree Celsius (two Fahrenheit) temperature change. Changes in adhesive viscosity mean inconsistent adhesive flow which, in turn, can result in lost production and poor product quality.

Valco Melton offers RTD-controlled, heated hoses that maintain water-based adhesives at a constant warm temperature. No matter how cold the plant gets, the adhesive temperature and viscosity remain stable.

This means the glue valves operate properly, less product is wasted due to improper adhesive volume, and less energy is used than needed to heat the area around the machine.

The system includes a temperature control box that can control up to four hoses. Heating the adhesive pail or drum is not necessary. Valco Melton’s specialty cold glue heated hoses are an easy solution for keeping adhesive viscosities consistent for proper adhesive patterns and glue application.

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