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Flexicon Corporation introduces the TWIN-CENTER-POST filler and FLEXICON flexible screw conveyor

October 29, 2019
Canadian Packaging

A new ultra heavy-duty bulk bag filling system from Flexicon Corporation is designed to provide reliable intake of abrasives, high-density solids and other difficult- to-handle bulk materials from upstream processes or storage vessels and fills the material by weight into bulk bags. Intended for mining, glass, ceramics and other demanding industrial applications, the system is comprised of heavy-gauge variants of the company’s patented TWIN-CENTER-POST filler and FLEXICON flexible screw conveyor consolidated on a robust skid with integral forklifting tubes for mobility. The filler is equipped with fill head height adjustment to accommodate all popular bag sizes, pneumatically retractable bag hooks and an inflatable connector to seal the bag inlet spout, with an optional feed chute outlet port featuring a high-efficiency filter sock for dust-free air displacement during filling. The FLEXICON conveyor consists of a steel outer tube with a rugged flexible screw that self-centers as it rotates to preventing material from grinding between the screw and tube wall, while eliminating the need for a bearing at the intake end.

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