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Tharo offers cost-effective printing solution.

April 11, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Tharo Systems, Inc.,  a global leader in the manufacture of product identification, has designed its new model PA1200fa printer-applicator to be a highly accurate, cost-effective solution for specialty application requiring only the front of the product to be labeled, according to the company.

Offered with Tharo’s H-Series direct  thermal or thermal-transfer printers with print resolutions of 203- or 300-dpi (dots per inch), the systems print and applies  labels to the leading edge of a product moving down a conveyor where the orientation of the product cannot be changed due to product line constraints.

Each printed label is quickly stripped from the liner and held by suction on the applicator tamp pad, which is mounted on a heavy-duty swing arm that extends over a conveyor and securely tamps the label onto the product—accommodating a diverse range of label sizes up to 4.5-inch-wide and eight-inches-high.

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