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Storcan Unleashes STRAPALL: The Ultimate Box Closer and Strapper, Revolutionizing Packaging Automation for Meat, Fish

By Storcan   

Storcan, a manufacturer and integrator of equipment for agri-food production lines in North America, reaches a new milestone in innovation with the launch of STRAPALL, an automatic box closer and strapper. This revolutionary new machine, the result of over a year of development, is specifically designed to meet the critical needs of the meat and fish sector in terms of packaging automation.

“At Storcan, our commitment to innovation and excellence is unwavering,” says Flora Grimoire, Marketing Manager at Storcan. “We are proud to introduce STRAPALL, our latest creation that embodies our dedication to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that address their most critical needs to support their growth.”

STRAPALL stands out for its unique features and advanced functionalities, making it the first packaging machine designed by Storcan, initially recognized as a conveyor manufacturer. The key feature of STRAPALL is its ability to adapt randomly to different box sizes, eliminating the need for an operator to manually adjust the machine and enhancing production efficiency.

The main features of STRAPALL include:

  • Automatic adjustment to box sizes: With an advanced barcode recognition system, STRAPALL analyzes the dimensions of incoming boxes and automatically adjusts its movable parts for precise and efficient packaging.
  • Closing flaps with automatic arms: The four upper flaps of the boxes are sequentially folded by automatic arms, ensuring secure closure before strapping.
  • Ease of use and maintenance: With its user-friendly interface and simple controls, STRAPALL allows for quick size changes, easy cleaning, and efficient maintenance, minimizing machine downtime.
  • Robust construction for food environments: Equipped with high-quality components and a solid frame, STRAPALL is designed to withstand the rigours of agri-food packaging environments and strict food-safety standards.

Additionally, STRAPALL is available in two different finishes to meet the specific requirements of the production environment, whether subjected to high-pressure washes or drier conditions.

“The launch of STRAPALL marks a new era of innovation at Storcan,” adds Flora Grimoire. “We are committed to continuing to invest in research and development to better support our customers in their future growth and success.”

For more information on STRAPALL, please click HERE. If you would like to conduct tests with your boxes, we can arrange a meeting with our technicians at our factory in Châteauguay, please contact us via


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