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PDC’s Model 50-E- IC Shrinksealer Powers up for Battery Sleeving

By PDC International Corp.   

Norwalk, CT (June x, 2021) – – PDC recently provided multiple Model 50-E-IC shrinksealer systems to a major international  battery manufacturer. Thanks to this shrink sleeving technology, the company is able to run multiple sizes of highly specialized battery cells.

With run speeds at 60 parts per minute, the 50-E-IC  shrinksealer can accommodate various cell sizes efficiently. Its fixtures, which hold the cells, are designed for quick changeover from size to size. The 50-E-IC’s indexing conveyor is servo-driven, allowing for precise movement for product spacing, indexing, and accurate product placement. The servo band feed includes recipes on the HMI touch screen control. The PLC family is an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix.

A characteristic of the 50-E-IC that makes it ideal for the battery manufacturer includes the special four-pronged fixtures for each cell diameter. The system also integrates with the customer’s upstream robotic Pick and Place device, and downstream insulating ring placer, and the
Heat Shrink Tunnel. The Shrink Tunnel mounts on a Power Auto Lift Tunnel Stand, which raises in case the conveyor stops. This prevents damage to the battery cells or danger from the cells overheating.

PDC’s proprietary heavy duty cutting blade system made in house is  like a die set, and is able to cut the very thick sleeving material used for batteries without issue. The sleeving material is 3, 4, and 6 mills, which are 70, 100 and 150 microns in thickness respectively, providing  insulating properties critical for cell function.  Material types which can be run include PVC, PET and Mylar.

About PDC

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