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Checking out the latest innovations for effective retail-ready packaging

Whoever said “It’s what’s inside that counts” did not work in the retail-ready packaging space.

With the e-commerce market seemingly exploding on a global scale, big consumer brands owe it to themselves to reinforce consumer engagement at the traditional brick-and-mortar retail level with shelf-ready displays that make it easier for retailers to showcase their products, while catching the consumers’ attention.

Thanks to trade shows like this year’s enormously successful PACK EXPO Las Vegas exhibition, an increasing number of packaging machinery manufacturers are using these events as a launching pad for showcasing their latest state-of-the-art retail-ready packaging machines for the first time.

To make the search for the next best-in-class retail-ready packaging machinery just a little bit easier, Canadian Packaging scouted some of the latest state-of-the-art packaging machines in the retail-ready packaging segment that CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies and their co-packing partners would be wise to check out for themselves.


Displayed at the recent PACK EXPO Las Vegas exhibition, the Pak On Demand Pouch System is the latest retail-ready innovation from WestRock.

With brands requiring more innovative automation solutions that have the capability to deliver increased productivity and improved sustainability, the Pak on Demand is an ideal choice.

Thanks to its 3D scanning products placed on the conveyor system, the Pak on Demand in turn can produce custom, right-sized pouches and then promptly seals the package for delivery.

Because it is able to create a package that is custom to the size of the product, the Pak On Demand Pouch System helps to eliminate superfluous void fill and shipping charges, increases pack efficiency and, ultimately, decreases labour costs.

By using the Pak On Demand, the end result for customers is an exceedingly protective package that is also abundantly curbside recyclable.


Designed to streamline operations and get to market quicker, the new Meta Duo from WestRock is their latest automation technology.

Utilizing WestRock’s unique Meta Systems precision forming technology, retail cases are formed around a stationary mandrel, minimizing case skew and maximizing structural integrity.

This results in cases that outperform comparable standard cases, RCSs (regular slotted cartons) in production efficiency (higher run speeds) and stacking strength.

Additionally, the Meta Duo also has the capability to efficiently transition between four-sided, eight-sided, HSCs (Half Slotted Container), a one and two-piece SRP (Shelf-Ready Packaging) designs and SIOCs (Ships in Own Container).

This feature allows users to meet a number of retailer and e-tailer requirements, as the Meta Duo is a single and small footprint machine.


Keeping sustainable practices in mind, WestRock’s multi-award winning BoxSizer has become a top contender for the job.

The BoxSizer has been recognized as being one of the only stand-alone e-commerce packaging machines that has the ability to continuously reduce multiple footprint box sizes.

The BoxSizer achieves this enthusiastically on-demand without ever stopping for changeover, making it an ideal for B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumers) applications

By guaranteeing optimum DIM (dimensional) weight, the BoxSizer platform can help to lower total carbon footprint and improve sustainability.

Furthermore, right-sized packages keep products secure and neat while making the packaging easier to open for end customers.

The BoxSizer was designed by WestRock to be effortlessly amalgamated into existing production lines, or a tailored turnkey solution can be created.


SOMIC America plans to extend its market reach when the new SOMIC ReadyPack end-of-line packaging machine.

Making its debut at last month’s PACK EXPO Las Vegas, ReadyPack is a customized solution for shelf-ready packages that offers a reduced footprint, excellent automation and greater affordability.

An ideal fit for retail, food and beverage and consumer goods manufacturers, ReadyPack assembles, groups and bundles products in trays and a plethora of open, wraparound, display and folding cases.

As well, pre-packed products like stand-up pouches, flow packs and glass jars are fed separately and grouped as case contents before the grouping is positioned onto the flat case blank.

The product is then folded around the entire grouping and held together with hot glue.

As a wraparound model, the cover is then folded and closed.

“ReadyPack is a solid, entry-level case packing system with unique benefits and plenty of flexibility,” explains Peter Fox, senior vice-president of sales for SOMIC America.

“While our last two machines have proven to be popular with our customers, we learned there is room in the marketplace for a machine like ReadyPack.

“It collates, cartons and closes like the others, and it is equipped with Rockwell Automation controls.

Adds Fox: “It does operate at a slower pace and we have reduced lead times, two things that potential customers had expressed interest in.”

Depending on the product, ReadyPack has a collating capacity of 160 products per minute.

As a tray packer, the ReadyPack has the capability to case up to 18 packaging units per minute, while the wraparound model dispenses 12 units per minute.


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