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NEXE Innovations Has Produced Its Proprietary Single-Serve Pods for U.S.-Based Rooted Grounds Coffee Company

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Interest continues to grow for NEXE's proprietary BPI-certified, single-serve pods to deliver exceptional coffee experience without compromising our planet's well-being

VANCOUVER, B.C., Sept. 28, 2023 /CNW/ – NEXE Innovations Inc. (“NEXE” or the “Company”) (TSXV: NEXE) (Frankfurt: NX5) (OTC: NEXNF), a compostable- and innovative-materials company, is pleased to announce that it has onboarded and produced product for U.S.-based Rooted Grounds Coffee, its third co-manufacturing customer for the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)-certified compostable, single-serve coffee pods. NEXE has also completed shipping product to Neighborhood Coffee – one of its previously announced partnerships. Since moving into production, NEXE has onboarded three co-manufacturing customers, including Rooted Grounds Coffee Company and Neighborhood Coffee. Management believes the interest surrounding NEXE’s proprietary compostable single-serve pod continues to gain momentum, and NEXE continues to advance discussions to drive private label and co-manufacturing opportunities.

This is an exciting period for NEXE as interest grows for our proprietary NEXE Pod. We continue to build our operations in Windsor, as we are engaged in several active discussions with local artisanal brands and larger coffee companies,” stated Ash Guglani, President of NEXE Innovations.

NEXE has also completed transitioning its own retail brand, NEXE Coffee to the BPI-certified compostable, single-serve coffee pods. NEXE’s own retail brand is now being produced at its Windsor, Ont. facility that utilizes the end-to-end manufacturing process. The retail brand is available at

Rooted Grounds Coffee Company is a craft-coffee company based in Ohio, U.S. Rooted Grounds Coffee’s customers are spread across 22 U.S. states and include a roster of hospitals, senior living communities, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, universities, and car dealerships. Rooted Grounds Coffee’s vision and passion is to bring delicious, fresh-roasted craft coffee to traditional commercial settings. Rooted Grounds Coffee’s commitment to the community is central to its ethos. This partnership with NEXE Innovations to introduce compostable single-serve pods, as part of their product lineup resonates with their dedication to sustainability and community welfare.

“We are absolutely thrilled to introduce NEXE’s exciting new compostable product to all our customers (including those in distribution with U.S. Foods and Sysco), as they have been asking for this and we can finally deliver,” stated Patsy Knopf, M.D., CEO of Rooted Grounds Coffee Company. “Rooted Grounds Coffee Company’s partnership with NEXE will help improve sustainability in each community we serve.”

Dive deep into the sustainable future NEXE is crafting: NEXE Investor Presentation September 2023

NEXE’s Competitive Edge
NEXE’s BPI certified compostable, single-serve beverage pods target the market of 80+ billion single-serve plastic and aluminum pods. NEXE’s single-serve pod features innovative technology protected by patents, which NEXE believes allows more volume per pod than our competitors while delivering what the company believes is an unrivalled “pour-over” coffee experience. The BPI certification is a third-party verification of ASTM standards for compostable products and is intended to protect consumers against false claims and greenwashing. The BPI certification also requires products to be PFAS-free. NEXE believes that these unique advantages will likely position NEXE as a preferred choice for premium coffee brands seeking a sustainable solution. For more details on the authenticity and effectiveness of our compostable pods, explore NEXE Has Successfully Met the Testing Requirements for BPI Certification.

*NEXE Innovations Inc. is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Keurig®. Keurig® is a registered trademark of Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc.

About NEXE Innovations Inc.
NEXE Innovations Inc. is a leader in innovative compostable materials technology based in Ontario, Canada. The first product developed by NEXE Innovations is one of the only patented, fully-compostable, single-serve coffee pods for use in existing major single-serve coffee machines.

For more information about NEXE Innovations’ compostable materials and how it is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products, visit and follow us on social media@nexeinnovations.


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