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New pneumatic compensating roller control from Rexroth

ED02 provides printing industry with continuous operation.

October 31, 2011
by Canadian Packaging Staff

When working with paper and foil webs, trouble-free, continuous operation is just as important as high speeds so keeping the mechanical tension on the material webs constant is a key task in this context.

The solution is an ED02 electropneumatic pressure regulator from Rexroth‘s ED series that enables automatic web tension by quickly and accurately adjust deviations in the compensating roller.

To keep the web tension on a printing and processing machine constant, a vertically mobile compensator is hung onto the material web. A web tension regulator maintains the position of the compensator in the center, which is recorded via a potentiometer.

This is very important, as the material web tension must be kept constant to avoid operating problems: if the web tension is too high, the material may tear; if the web tension is too low, the material may flutter, leading to a disturbance in the process or a torn web.

A pneumatic cylinder supports the compensating roller in its function. Despite drive control, changes in tension through a reel change or out-of-roundness in the material reels move the compensating roller, which then displaces the pneumatic cylinder. The increased or decreased pressure thus created in the pneumatic system is recognized by the controller.

An ED02 electropneumatic pressure regulator creates a change in output pressure via a set/actual point comparison, which then adjusts the pressure on the compensating roller so that the web tension remains constant.

The ED02 is the smallest pressure regulator of the Rexroth ED series. In the ED series valves, the manufacturer has combined the control electronics, a pressure sensor and a direct drive via proportional solenoids in a compact unit.

Deviations of the compensating roller can be quickly adjusted due to the ED02’s high dynamic capabilities. With its external dimensions of 76-mm x 60-mm x 30-mm, the ED02 electropneumatic pressure regulator has a compact design, making it suitable for universal use in printing presses.

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