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The possibilities for remote mount locations are virtually endless

December 10, 2018   Canadian Packaging

The new quick-disconnect motor offered on Dynamic Conveyor Corporation’s DynaCon product range of modular conveyors provides users an array of benefits that increase conveyor modularity, application options, ease-of-use and maintenance, according to the company. The connector enables a quick direct connection between the brushless DC motor and controller with an easy-to-use lock lever that does not require tools or additional hardware—making it easier than ever to perform motor replacements or modify control options while in the field. The possibilities for remote mount locations are virtually endless—with cable length options ranging from 20 inches to 65 feet in length—and they can be mounted anywhere along the conveyor’s sidewalls or leg supports, or even mounted remotely from the conveyor. Additionally, the new motor has achieved an IP66 degree of protection for its watertight performance—allowing it to be used in high-moisture applications.

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