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Cognex Software Expands Image Acquisition Options

December 2, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

The Cognex Corporation—designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of machine sensor vision systems—has announced a new release of its popular VisionPro hardware-independent vision software, the VisionPro 6.0. The software expands image acquisition options with support for very large camera images and nontraditional sources such as 3D, thermal and X-ray imagers while also offering high-accuracy calibration and image correction for line scan cameras, and expanded ID reading capability of 2D codes.
“VisionPro 6.0 provides more freedom than ever before to combine robust Cognex vision software tools with the widest array of image acquisition sources,” said Markku Jaaskelainen, executive vice-president and business unit manager for vision software. “And, because of our close technical collaboration with camera makers through the Cognex Acquisition Alliance, customers get the same reliable performance that they are accustomed to receiving from our integrated systems.”

Features include:
Enhanced image acquisition system to support images up to 16 bits in depth, enabling use of nontraditional acquisition sources such as 3D profilers, thermal cameras and X-ray imagers;
Built-in compatibility with selected thermal cameras and 3D profile scanners ensures rapid integration with VisionPro;
Able to support Microsoft 64-bit operating systems to meet the demands of larger cameras and greater pixel depth;
Switching easily between 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems;
Higher accuracy calibration tool enabling application accuracy when using line scan cameras;
Expanded ID capability now reads 2D codes up to 144×144, and supports the development of GS1 conforming applications.
VisionPro is the vision software of choice for system integrators, machine builders, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), and advanced manufacturing engineers. In addition to rapid application development, VisionPro provides PatMax, the premier software for object location, and other industry leading vision tools. VisionPro supports a wide range of acquisition hardware to offer an extensive range of price and performance options for virtually all types of image capture.
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