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Bosch Packaging launches V55 coffee protection valve

Compact solution offers material savings and logistical benefits.

January 13, 2015
by Canadian Packaging staff

To meet the growing demand for high-quality coffee in North America, Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of processing and packaging solutions, has launched its V55 external coffee protection valve.

The solution is applied on coffee packaging to prevent product deterioration. Though smaller in size than the previous generation, the new valve enhances product protection while offering material, logistics, and storage space savings as well as a changeover time reduction. Coupled with proven applicator technology from Bosch that equips soft bags or cans with reliable external valves, coffee manufacturers can now apply up to 150 valves per minute.

Fresh coffee for longer
One thousand grams of roasted coffee beans emit around six liters CO2 within five weeks. Product protection valves allow the roasting gas to escape without allowing oxygen and external odors to enter the bag or can, which could affect the aroma of the premium product inside. It also prevents the bag from bloating, ensuring an inviting shelf presentation and safeguarding brand loyalty. With more than 50 years of experience developing technologies that enhance product protection, Bosch offers both internal and external valves as well as valve application technology.

According to the National Coffee Association, daily coffee consumption in the U.S. remains strong but steady at 61 percent. The same study indicates that there is a distinct shift toward gourmet coffee consumption, with a three percent increase forecast for 2014. “To capitalize on this consumer trend, manufacturers are seeking packaging solutions that deliver high operational efficiency without compromising quality,” says Bosch Packaging Technology sales and business development manager of valves Julian Kaetzlmeiert. “By providing both applicator and valve technology, we offer our customers an integrated solution to meet production targets while also satisfying consumer expectations.”

Compact design enables savings
Thanks to its small size (only 12.5 x 12.5 x 0.35 millimeters or 0.49 x 0.49 x 0.014 inches), with the new V55 the number of valves per reel is now doubled to 12,000 in comparison with previous generations. This reduces storage space requirements and transportation costs for coffee manufacturers. In addition, reels do not need to be changed as often as before, enabling operators to use their time more effectively. The compact design of the V55 valves requires 62 percent less paper film, contributing to material savings. This reduction also significantly decreases paper waste and supports sustainability efforts.

Integrated solution for enhanced efficiency
To compliment external valves, Bosch offers North and South American coffee producers a valve applicator that works in line with Bosch’s vertical baggers and package makers. At the same time, the stand-alone execution of the applicator can be retrofitted into third party packaging machinery. Designed to offer rigorous product protection, the valve applicator CVA V55 is equipped with a number of sensors to detect that bag perforation is correct, the amount of fluid in the valve is accurate and the valve is precisely placed even at high speeds. By partnering with a single-source supplier like Bosch, coffee producers benefit from integrated solutions operated via a combined Human Machine Interface (HMI), which enhances operational efficiency and offers consistently high product quality. Focusing on our customers’ needs, several service hubs in North and South America ensure quick support.

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