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Amcor Flexibles launches child-resistant blister pack

New AOF for child-resistant blister lidding complements its diverse product portfolio in pharmaceutical packaging.

January 27, 2015
Canadian Packaging

Amcor Flexibles introduces its patented Amcor Opening Feature (AOF) for child-resistant blister lidding to complement its diverse product portfolio in pharmaceutical packaging.

This technology has been readily available on pouch stock and stick packs for the pharmaceutical market, but the first products using AOF on blister lidding were only commercially launched in December 2014.

With AOF, blister contents are easily accessed with a targeted push-through motion rather than the traditional peel or peel-push method often required for child resistance. The result is improvements in senior-friendliness, child-resistance, and sustainability.

AOF allows the use of a two-ply structure compared to a standard three-ply, which is only the start of the sustainability benefit of AOF blister lidding. Because peel tabs are not required, total package sizes can be reduced up to 40 per cent versus traditional peel-push and peelable blister cards. Even with this drastic reduction in material usage and weight, AOF maintains product stability with no compromise to the barrier layer or the seal integrity of the package.

The senior-friendly qualities and child-resistance of AOF blister lidding were confirmed through an independent study in accordance with the requirements of 16 CFR Part 1700. Blisters were produced using AOF blister lidding and the package met the test requirements of F=1 (only two children out of 50 were able to access one cavity). In addition, the Senior Use Effectiveness (SAUE) score was an extraordinary 98 percent compared to the normal target minimum of 90 percent.

The product contact layer remains the same as existing Amcor blister lidding products, which allows current customers to adopt the new technology with streamlined testing protocol. Amcor’s opening feature for blister lidding results in a package that maintains product protection, is child-resistant and senior-friendly, and has a reduced environmental footprint.

With 68 plants in 21 countries, Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas, a division of Amcor, is a market leader and the world’s largest supplier of flexible packaging for the food, beverage, pharma, personal care, medical and industrial markets. For more information visit

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    Hi, I am Michelle. My company is a cannabis product producer. We are considering make capsules this year and we are looking for capsule blister packing CRC material. Do you provide this type of material? If yes, please contact me.

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