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China doesn’t want the world’s garbage any more

Efforts to better protect the environment and the health of its people at the crux of China’s newfound ideal. Read the opinion piece by John Mullinder, PPEC.

August 1, 2017   by John Mullinder, PPEC

China doesn’t want the world’s garbage any more…

And who can blame them? For years, the world has been shipping all sorts of waste to China for it to be sorted, made into new products, and shipped back to us. Low labor rates and lax environmental enforcement have benefited all parties to this commercial deal (even perhaps the Chinese workers, a job being better than no job).

One of the first warning signs of impending change occurred in 2013 when China launched “Operation Green Fence” to limit imports of scrap materials. Unscrupulous people were sending more garbage than resources. This was followed by the more recent “National Sword” crackdown… Read the rest HERE.


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