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Universal Graphics Engine hailed as the future technology now

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At #SPICYtalks18, CHILI publisher was validated as the UGE – an all-encompassing and all-adaptive graphic assets technology by the CHILI community, partner ecosystem, influencers and analysts.


AALST, Belgium—With Industry 4.0 urging the market to tackle the digital disruption the smart way, companies are increasingly investing in marketing automation, hiring DPO’s (data protection officers) for data management and rolling out brand marketing strategies. The plethora of technologies and lack of integration possibilities often obscure the core necessity that keeps all communication going: the graphic assets.

This is why CHILI publish launched the Universal Graphics Engine (UGE) at #SPICYtalks18. The UGE is being called the lights-out, self-servicing technology companies need to streamline both the input and output of graphic assets in an omnichannel, brand-consistent way, regardless of market focus or technical user expertise.

Key market experts like Theresa Regli (DAM), Sean Smyth (Smithers Pira), Pat McGrew (Keypoint Intelligence) and others reviewed the capabilities of the UGE and provided guidance to the audience during keynote presentations. Customers like MyCreativeShop, DemandBridge and Paragon also joined on stage to discuss the impact of the solution on their present and future business. Partners were available throughout to discuss cooperation opportunities.


The entire CHILI publish team delivered numerous tech sessions to discuss problem-solving integration strategies. Attendees raved about the high level of technical expertise on display, pushing the UGE implementation to the next level. With over 200 attendees participating in the fourth market shift edition of SPICY talks, #SPICYtalks18 was deemed a resounding success.

Upleveling graphics
Online editing has changed the digital marketing paradigm by enabling tailored -ization output possibilities like personalization, customization, regionalization, while respecting brand guidelines.

This has enabled brands big and small alike to launch key campaigns tailored to markets and audiences.

Centralizing all -ization efforts is an impossible task. But all efforts can be streamlined by templatizing marketing needs and enabling automated self-service to repurpose graphic assets and big data for different markets.

By adopting a B2C (business to consumer) mindset and securing a user-friendly UI for an end-to-end UX, brands will be ready for the next level of omnichannel graphics output.

CHILI publish chief executive officer Kevin Goeminne elaborates: “Whether you’re into data-driven document generation, template-driven packaging customization or digital artwork localization, you need a reliable engine to keep your workflow running like clockwork. CHILI publisher integrates with a broad ecosystem of partner solutions and can be included in just about any marketing automation system. With CHILI publisher as its UGE, any brand can tackle the market shift, producing tomorrow’s omnichannel communication in a brand-consistent, lights-out, self-servicing win-win manner.”

Not a fling, experts say
At the Amsterdam venue, “De Nieuwe Liefde” (“the New Love”), brand love was rekindled with over 200 attendees from no less than 15 countries. In order to validate the claims made in the repositioning of CHILI publish, key market analysts researched and analyzed the solution and the opportunities it could bring to the market. Their findings will be processed into white papers, to be released shortly.

Pat McGrew, analyst at Keypoint Intelligence/Infotrends, recaps: “The word cloud developed by the CHILI publish team to define the capabilities and uses of the UGE demonstrates the versatility of the platform. The UGE enables almost endless combinations of applications allowing both novice and experienced designers and marketers to develop streamlined campaigns that maintain brand integrity. The UGE platform provides a huge potential across a variety of markets, which should attract investigation by those investigating the possibilities of online tools.”

The community ecosystem
CHILI publish attracted a heterogeneous crowd at the Amsterdam venue with commercial printers, brands, agencies, packaging and labeling printers scouting for the next big thing. The mix of business, tech and deep tech sessions generated a knowledge exchange flow with plenty of meetings arranged on the spot to discuss business optimization.

Or as Amer Mallah, CTO (chief technology officer) of DemandBridge, puts it: “We were pretty happy with the novelty features introduced prior to the event but are now thrilled to see how the UGE will boost business further. This event truly proved to be a facilitating platform that stimulates knowledge exchange. A 15-minute talk with a fellow entrepreneur brought about the new perspective we needed for a specific user case. That kind of community value is hard to translate into ROI.”

Kevin Goeminne explains the #SPICYtalks18 success: “Cross-pollination was our main goal. We didn’t want this to be your average user gathering, we wanted to create a community knowledge pool. Caring is sharing, and we made that work for and with us. Customers learning from each other’s successes and failures, market analysts paving the way for future learnings and partners discovering new markets and opportunities. This has been a cooperation that worked on more than one level and we’re grateful for everyone who participated and contributed. The UGE has been launched successfully, and judging from the feedback, it’s just what the doctor ordered. We’re ready to roll this out worldwide and are already anticipating #SPICYtalks19 next year.”

People who were unable to attend the event, can source key findings by following the #SPICYtalks18 hashtag on Twitter. Videos of the presentations and the analysts’ white papers will be readily available on the website over the next weeks.

More information on CHILI publish, its solution offering, partner ecosystem and SPICY star customer community worldwide can be found at:

About CHILI publish
Established in 2010, CHILI publish focuses on the development and deployment of powerful online software for the graphic arts industry. CHILI publisher is an online editing solution that can be seamlessly integrated into third-party workflows and production platforms to provide a wide range of customizable, easy-to-use, browser-based, editing functions. CHILI publish software is sold both direct and through a wide network of international value-added channel partners. CHILI publish has its headquarters near Brussels, Belgium, and operates offices in Chicago and Singapore. More information at


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