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Maple Leaf Foods receives Federal and Manitoba government investment of $500,000

Investment to be used for processing and packaging equipment and job creation.

July 19, 2016  By Canadian Packaging staff

The Canadian Federal government and the Province of Manitoba are investing $500,000 into Maple Lead Consumer Foods to help it produce an additional eight-million kilograms of bacon per year at its Winnipeg facility.

Yes… eight million more kilograms. Of bacon.

The investment is expected to help create an additional 34 full-time jobs and 34 part-time jobs at the plant.

While the investment will mean more bacon on grocery shelves across Canada and the world, some of the monies will go towards improving the processing and packaging equipment at the Winnipeg plant—and will include additional investment from Maple Leaf themselves.


The investment in Maple Leaf is part of both governments’ five-year plan to invest a total of $176-million in Manitoba, it hopes will help get food producers and processors more innovative and competitive on a global scale.

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