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Egg-cellent news: Indigenous-owned company revolutionizing sustainability solutions in Canada

By Spark Sourcing   


Spark Sourcing is the authorized North American distributor for eco-shell™ (a patented, eggshell-derived plastic reducer) and a contract manufacturer with a network of partner factories across Asia.

Fredericton, N.B., July 13, 2023 — Spark Sourcing, a pioneering sustainability-solutions provider, proudly announces its official establishment in Canada. Led by indigenous female entrepreneur Nicole Hollins, Spark Sourcing aims to make a significant impact in the reduction of plastic waste. With a focus on sustainability and a commitment to the environment, Spark Sourcing is set to reshape the industry with its innovative approach.

Nicole Hollins, the visionary behind Spark Sourcing, brings a wealth of experience, connections, and an unwavering passion for environmental preservation. As an indigenous businesswoman, she demonstrates her dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in the entrepreneurial landscape. Spark Sourcing is already listed in the Indigenous Business Database, further solidifying its commitment to indigenous empowerment.

As a sustainability-solutions provider, Spark Sourcing specializes in reducing plastic use through its groundbreaking eco-shell™ material. Serving as the authorized distributor for eco-shell™, Spark Sourcing introduces an unparalleled solution to combat plastic pollution. Derived from eggshells and protected by international patents (U.S.A., U.K., Taiwan, Australia, China), eco-shell™ has proven to be an innovative game changer.

By incorporating eco-shell™ into various products, Spark Sourcing enables an impressive reduction of plastic content by up to 50 per cent. Furthermore, the use of eco-shell™ significantly lowers carbon emissions by nearly 70 per cent when compared to virgin plastic. This extraordinary breakthrough makes eco-shell™ an ideal choice for businesses committed to sustainability and eco-conscious practices.

With eco-shell™, Spark Sourcing caters to a wide range of industries, including packaging for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and cannabis. Moreover, eco-shell™ is adaptable to the production of various plastic goods, from toys to pallets to yoga mats. The versatility of this material ensures that businesses across sectors can actively contribute to a greener future.

Spark Sourcing boasts a strong foundation for operational excellence, with a base of operations in Taiwan and strategic partnerships with a network of factories in the region. Equipped with an extensive supply chain, Spark Sourcing is capable of handling any procurement or product development needs, providing exceptional service to its clients.

Complementing its role as a distributor, Spark Sourcing is actively developing its own line of eco-friendly goods. These offerings include biodegradable single-use plastics, stone paper, and reduced plastic office supplies. By creating these sustainable alternatives, Spark Sourcing empowers businesses and individuals alike to embrace eco-conscious practices without compromising on quality or functionality.

Nicole Hollins, the CEO and founder of Spark Sourcing, expressed her enthusiasm about the company’s future, stating, “We believe in a world where sustainability is not just an option, but a necessity. At Spark Sourcing, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that drive positive change. Together, we can build a future where plastic waste is significantly reduced and the planet thrives for generations to come.”

Spark Sourcing invites businesses, organizations, and individuals to join them in their mission to combat plastic pollution and promote sustainability. For further information and business inquiries, please visit

About Spark Sourcing

Spark Sourcing is a pioneering sustainability-solutions provider based in Canada. Founded by indigenous female entrepreneur Nicole Hollins, Spark Sourcing specializes in reducing plastic waste through the distribution and product development with of eco-shell™, a patented material derived from eggshells. Spark Sourcing also develops its own line of eco-friendly goods, including biodegradable single-use plastics, stone paper, and reduced plastic office supplies. With a strong operational base in Taiwan and a network of factory partnerships, Spark Sourcing offers comprehensive procurement and product-development services to its clients.


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