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The Philadelphia Story – Cream Cheese, that is

Logo and branding redesign for iconic food product for launch upcoming in Europe.

September 16, 2014   by Canadian Packaging Staff

Nearly 150 years ago American dairyman William Lawrence created the first cream cheese—Philadelphia—in New York.

Why Philadelphia for a NY-made product? Simple – sort of. When a NY distributor started selling the cheese product, looking for that hook to grab the customers, he chose “Philadelphia” because the Pennsylvania area had, by that time, already developed an outstanding reputation for cream cheese products.

In 2013, Dragon Rouge embarked on a radical redesign and re-positioning of the iconic brand, which is launching across Europe over the next few months.

The new positioning captures what we all love about food and eating – a diverse range of tastes, textures, sensations, colors and choice of ingredients. This is illustrated through a photographic style that boldly breaks the boredom of food routine. It celebrates the appeal of effortlessly preparing beautiful and tasty food that is good and delicious.


The logo has been carefully crafted to work when overlaying the brand photography and across various print and digital channels that range from the recipe booklets that will accompany each pot of Philadelphia to the brand’s Facebook page. We’ve introduced a color system that complements the flavors and generates visual impact in store and at each touch point with Philadelphia customers.

The online brand visual identity book sustains the integrity of the Philadelphia vision to ‘Spread Deliciousness’ by inspiring beautiful, easy to prepare food and creating moments of deliciousness.
The redesign is being rolled out across the Plain, Light and Lightest variants, and also all flavor variants, including Salmon & Dill, Spring Onion & Black Pepper, Garlic & Herbs, Sweet Chilli, Grilled Peppers, Chives and Cucumber.

You’ll notice in the image above of the Philadelphia Light Chives variety, that in Europe, they do not plan on calling it ‘cream cheese’, but rather ‘medium fat soft cheese.’ Interesting…

Take a look at the TV advertising featuring the redesign: HERE.

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  1. Mary Brown says:

    Your cream cheese in Canada is firmer than it is in USA. I have a no bake Canadian recipe for cheese cake but will be using 3 pkgs of American cream cheese. Should I use less cream in the mixture so it sets firmer.

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