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Japan’s Daiwa wins Can of the Year award

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Daiwa flexes its power with winning can design for Japanese coffee beverage.

Daiwa Can Corporation in Japan has won the canmaking industry’s top accolade for 2014, The Canmaker magazine Can of the Year award, for a highly-decorated tinplate coffee can.

Selected by a panel of expert judges, the 20cl three-piece welded tinplate can developed for Kowa Pharmaceutical’s Powered Coffee brand features detailed decoration, registered embossing, foaming ink, gravure printing and an aluminum easy-open end.

The Daiwa can was also winner of the Gold category for three-piece beverage cans.

Powered Coffee is a premium drink new to the Japanese market, and is a combination of enriched nutrients and coffee.


After being approached by Kowa Pharmaceutical, Daiwa designed the can as well as co-developing the drink’s recipe and the necessary filling process, carried out using retorting techniques by Daiwa’s subsidiary Sanwha.

Kowa Coffee by Daiwa CanThe product is marketed through retailers rather than the vending machines commonly used for selling ready-to-drink canned coffees in Japan. This sector alone is a huge market with more than 10 billion units sold each year.

The product features four varieties: Regular, Bitter, Cafe Au Lait, and Black.

The Regular coffee is in the brilliant red colored can, while the other three are in black cans, with the main difference being that little hexagon in the middle of the can, that names the coffee variety.


After being told of the award, Tsujimoto Kasuhiro, director of international operations at Daiwa Can Company at its headquarters in Tokyo, said: “It was a surprise and a pleasure to win the Can of the Year in 2014.

“This can design represents our whole technology in three-piece canmaking, so is a combination of our skills and technology.”

Headquartered in Tokyo, Daiwa Can is a leading Japanese packaging manufacturer with some 1,500 employees in eight manufacturing facilities.

Along with manufacturing cans for the food and beverage industry, it also does the same with regards to plastic containers for food and cosmetics, produces aerosol cans and caps, and perfumes research and development and design of container manufacturing systems and plants.

For you amusement, here are four Kowa Japanese TV ads… the first two featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the other two by Bruce Willis, showing you just what sort of star POWER these two still have in Japan. Don’t worry… we are sure you’ll get the gist of things even though it’s in a different language.

The Japanese at the top of the videos reads: Kowa Powdered Coffee (actors name) television CM (commercial).





Here’s another video showing the making of the commercials:

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