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TricorBraun wins gold and bronze World Beverage Competition awards.

St. Louis, Mo.—The 2015 World Beverage Competition presented Gold and Bronze awards to TricorBraun in the packaging portion of this year’s competition.

The competition is the world’s largest international evaluation of beverages. Firms from 27 nations submitted entries for the 2015 competition that was conducted in Geneva, Switzerland. The annual event includes an evaluation of beverage quality in various categories followed by a competition among beverage packages, also from an assortment of categories.

TricorBraun received a gold medal for the package supplied to Owen + Alchemy, a new cold-pressed boutique juice bar in Chicago. Juice prepared with a cold press is regarded as more healthful than juice produced by traditional centrifugal juicers. Traditional juicers use blades and screens to separate juice from pulp. This process generates heat, which destroys many nutrients. Cold pressed juicers crush fruits and vegetables and do not expose the juice to nutrient-robbing heat. The juice is sold in 16 ounce and 32 ounce Boston Round glass bottles in addition to a two-ounce Boston Round for samplers. Threaded black and gold metal closures are used. Labels are pressure sensitive and silkscreened.

The bronze medal was awarded for Mocktails, which are packaged in unique glass shaker-style bottles designed by TricorBraun in alliance with Mocktails. The non-alcoholic cocktails only require ice, a brisk shake and a cocktail glass. The drinks may be individualized by adding alcohol to each glass. They are sold as cosmopolitans, margaritas, sangrias and whiskey sours. The 21-ounce glass shakers are hot-filled with 18 ounces of beverage, suitable for four servings. A 77mm metal threaded closure is used to seal the bottle. Then, a TricorBraun-designed polypropylene decorative overcap is fitted over the metal closure to give the package that mixed-yourself look and feel. To ensure the handsome shrink sleeve label remains stunning after the bottle is opened, a perforation is located just below the closure.

TricorBraun helps bring customers’ new and existing products to market efficiently as one of the packaging industry’s largest suppliers of glass and plastic containers, closures, dispensers and tubes from over 40 locations throughout North America and internationally from London, England: Guangzhou, China; Hong Kong, and Mumbai, India. The award-winning TricorBraun Design & Innovation Studio gives customers forward-thinking service based on consumer insight, understanding of the markets and creative solutions. In addition, advisory services range from preliminary planning and manufacturing oversight to an array of innovative warehousing and logistics programs.

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