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Annual US DUO conference a success

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DALIM SOFTWARE’s user organization meeting focuses on history, new technology, and motivating people to respond to new technology challenges

DALIM SOFTWARE, makers of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, announces the conclusion of its productive annual US DALIM SOFTWARE Users Organization (US DUO) Conference, held at the SpringHill Suites Nashville Downtown. The event announced the appointment of Ed Nicholson, Color Specialist at Carey Color, as President of US DUO and Jenn Weinberg (IWCO Direct), Steve Ting (The Lab) and Randy Stover (Valassis) as members of the organization’s advisory board. David Jorgensen, Pre-Media Workflow Administrator at Creel Printing, was honored as outgoing President.
US DUO is an opportunity for DALIM SOFTWARE users to learn about new technologies and work practices and how they will impact their day-to-day operations. It also gives users the opportunity to learn about the company’s most recent—and future—developments, the chance to meet with other users from around the country, plus the opportunity to talk technology with DALIM SOFTWARE technical and product support staff. The conference attracts graphic arts professionals, brands, retailers, institutions and their respective marketing and communications supply chains from throughout the US.
Many of the presentations described the human element as it relates to innovation, both backwards a few decades as well as looking toward the future. “This year’s meeting was a good balance between technical and motivational speaking, mixed in with helpful technical information,” explains Nicholson. There is camaraderie among DALIM SOFTWARE users. We have all been in the trade a long time, and while some of us are competitors outside the user group meeting, it is nice to create a fellowship because there is a lot we can learn from each other by sharing ideas.”
Carol Werlé, CEO of DALIM SOFTWARE opened the meeting with a brief history of DALIM SOFTWARE, followed by a presentation that explained redefining the work/retail influence. For example, he noted that fake news existed more than 100 years ago from an article in the New York Sun talking about inhabitants of the moon. By pointing out that 5,000 engineers support the 2,700 Bloomberg journalists, Werlé amplified the importance of technology in the media. The technology demands of the Online to Offline retail trend was also explored.
David Zwang, one of the three guest keynotes, discussed collaboration in today’s marketing and production workflows. After reviewing data trends of print production facilities, Zwang reinforced that process automation is one of the major factors that is driving the new economy. In his presentation, ‘Zen and the art of printer maintenance’, Chris Heric of WYSKA went back in history to demonstrate how the same pioneering, innovative mindset that drove desktop publishing can help companies build upon current technologies, such as 3D printing. Gordon Crichton of the MAI Institute provided a number of examples of how customer-supplier relationships can become a real source of value creation.
Customers were also involved. Ed Nicholson and Chad Gray of Carey Color discussed their ‘voyage’ with DALIM SOFTWARE solutions, from DALIM LITHO to DALIM TWIST and, ultimately, DALIM ES for the past 25 years. Jim Kay of The Bernard Group discussed how they have implemented a DAM with the help of DALIM ES.
Of course, DALIM SOFTWARE provided its roadmap of product technologies. One of the most valued set of sessions is always the hands-on ‘Tips & Tricks’, presented this year by Ryan From of IO Integration, Blanchard Systems’ Mike Muscato, and Rafael Ordonhes from DALIM SOFTWARE. Jacques Thiebauld, DALIM SOFTWARE Chief Scientist, provided a thought-provoking presentation of whether DALIM ES could be used as a Product information management system.
“As the leader of advisory board, I want to ramp the tone up. I liked Mr. Crichton’s presentation. People who do not talk across the hall and bridge the gap to talk with suppliers and employees, are likely not to solve as many problems as they could,” notes Nicholson. “The spirit of the US DUO group is collaboration, networking, and the open and free exchange of ideas. Getting others involved elevates self worth. They can claim some ownership. With that in mind, next year we will continue to build on human assets. We want DALIM SOFTWARE customers to send people to the US DUO meeting who will return with something tangible. We will consider ways to build on these meetings so that it has an ROI for those companies who sign the checks to attend. We return from US DUO as better employees and people.”


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