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Sesotec is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and systems for contaminant detection and product sorting. At the PACKEX 2019 held in Toronto June 4–6 Sesotec Canada Ltd. will present sophisticated metal and contaminant detectors on booth 1445. The INTUITY metal detector and the RAYCON D+ X-ray product inspection system will be exhibited as well as the metal detector LIQUISCAN for filler applications and the metal detector RAPID 5000 for free fall applications.

Sesotec metal detection systems shown at PACKEX 2019 are equipped with the new INTUITY metal detection coil. With multi-simultaneous-frequency technology INTUITY reaches a scanning sensitivity that is up to 50 percent higher than in other systems on the market. Packed products can be inspected for accidental metal contaminations. With the INTUITY CONTROL user interface the system also offers improved ease of operation.

Sesotec’s RAYCON D+ X-ray inspection system surpasses the specifications of internationally applicable standards such as IFS and BRC in part by up to 400 percent and features a rate of faulty detections of less than 0.01 percent. With the Intelligent Power Management Software of the RAYCON D+ system Sesotec sets new standards with respect to detection accuracy, application flexibility, and ease of operation.

LIQUISCAN VF+ metal detectors are especially designed for the inspection of paste materials. With their compact design these detectors can be directly installed at the outlet of a vacuum filler. When a metal contamination is detected the conveying process is stopped or a pneumatic reject valve automatically separates the contaminated product from the filling process into a collecting container.


Sesotec metal detectors of the RAPID 5000 series detect and separate magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles (also metal inclusions) in free-falling bulk materials. Contaminants are rejected with minimum loss of good material by a fast-acting reject flap (“quick-flap-system”). Rapid 5000 comes in very compact design so that it can be integrated in existing pipes very easily.


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