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Rockwell Automation is in the navy now!

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Rockwell Automation awarded $21.7-million contract from U.S. Navy for control systems and engineering support services.

MILWAUKEE—Rockwell Automation, Inc. has announced that the U.S. Navy has awarded the company a $21.7-million contract for programmable automation controllers, variable frequency drives, software, and engineering support services to operate machinery control systems onboard U.S. Navy and Coast Guard surface ships.

The award enables the Navy and other Department of Defense agencies to acquire engineered systems and services from Rockwell Automation vital to daily and strategic shipboard operations, domestically and globally.

“Control systems designed for the marine industry need to meet stringent requirements, especially for the U.S. Navy, which operates world-class fleets 24/7 throughout the world,” says Rockwell Automation marine business manager Joe Moffa. “We are proud to meet these requirements and provide the machinery control systems, technical support and engineering services, on-site and through our global network of employees and distributors.”

Rockwell Automation products and software have been installed successfully onboard various Navy and Coast Guard ships since 1997. They are commercially available to navies worldwide in more than 80 countries where Rockwell Automation and its partners conduct business.


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