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Niagara Bottling LLC invests in continued success with Sidel Super Combi

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As the largest US bottler in water production by volume, delivering one in three of all water bottles sold, Niagara Bottling LLC has built its success on supplying high-quality, low-cost water to major retailers from 25 plants throughout the US and Mexico. To do this, they rely on cutting-edge bottling technology – not least the new Super Combi from Sidel.

With more than 50 years of business experience, Niagara Bottling LCC understands how to achieve success in the water market by offering a high value product, which has the right taste profile and which is safe and clean to drink. Based on the positive trajectory the PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottled water segment is showing in the U.S.—it’s projected to grow by a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 3 per cent year on year between 2016 and 2020—the company decided to install a new high-speed PET line that could deliver both performance and cost-efficiency.

Niagara Bottling has always been highly focused on LEAN production methods. With the Super Combi from Sidel, the team recognized immediately how this new solution’s compact footprint and optimized raw material management could allow them to further reduce waste.

“Our focus is always going to be on reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our goal is to deliver a case of water to our customers, while removing any component and process which is not bringing added value to them. The Super Combi will let us take the next step in that evolution,” says Niagara Bottling LLC executive vice-president of manufacturing Bill Hall.

Ready for the next chapter of success
Niagara Bottling LLC has worked with Sidel for almost two decades and relies on Sidel’s equipment and expertise to maintain its leadership position in the low-cost bottled water market. “Sidel puts us in the most competitive position to produce a bottle and fill it with water. We believe that Sidel is one of the top players in the market place,” comments Bill Hall.


“The Super Combi concept is going to allow us to enhance our performance in a very smart way. In the past, we’d need a blower, filler, buffer conveyors and then maybe a couple of bottle aligners and labelers. With the Super Combi, we can have a blower, labeler and filler in one compact machine. This reduces inefficiencies, meaning we have fewer machines to maintain and a smaller working space to be controlled by less skilled operators. In this way, we can clearly drive down costs,” he continues.

Currently Niagara Bottling LLC has more than 15 complete PET lines from Sidel installed at its production sites. The two recently installed Super Combi systems—already producing bottled water for Niagara’s markets—will enable this ambitious bottler to increase efficiency through high-speed manufacturing and data management that can be used to guide information assessment and decision-making, from operator to management level. For their customers in the U.S., this means they can continue to enjoy the best value and highest quality bottled water on the shelves.

The Sidel Super Combi won the ‘Best Manufacturing or Processing Innovation’ category in the 2017 World Beverage Innovation Awards presented at the Drinktec trade fair in September 2017. Designed to showcase the best in new developments and products from the beverage industry, this year’s Awards saw some 227 entries received from over 33 countries.

About Sidel Group
The Sidel Group is formed by the union of two strong brands, Sidel and Gebo Cermex. Together, it is a leading provider of equipment and services for packaging liquid, food, home and personal care products in PET, can, glass and other materials. With over 37,000 machines installed in more than 190 countries, the Group has nearly 170 years of proven experience, with a strong focus on advanced systems, line engineering and innovation. Its 5,000+ employees worldwide are passionate about providing complete solutions that fulfill customer needs and boost the performance of their lines, products and businesses. Delivering this level of performance requires that it continuously understand its customers’ challenges and commit to meeting their unique goals. Sidel does this through dialogue, and by understanding the needs of their markets, production and value chains. It complements this by applying Sidel’s strong technical knowledge and smart data analytics to support maximum lifetime productivity to its full potential. Company information available at


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