Canadian Packaging

Video: Watch the Toronto Mondelēz cracker packaging line perform at top speed, safety, and precision

Canadian Packaging   

“Our Syntegon line packs up to 27,200 crackers a minute.”

Watch in this video the progression of freshly baked Mondelēz crackers conveying in six legs towards fully integrated wrapping and carton top-loading and folding/gluing systems from Syntegon.

Annamaria Reda, Site Engineering Manager at the Mondelēz East York Bakery, gives a complete plant tour and explanation of the process.

“Our guiding principal is Snacking Made Right… and in a safe manner,” she explains.

See as she guides us through the FGMT slug forming machine to the HCS horizontal slug wrapper performing at speeds of 100-750 packs per minute to the TTM carton top loader.

Experience the robotic picking an placing of wrapped cracker slugs into cartons that are then folded and glued robotically on the same platform.

“Syntegon definitely has a great understanding of the process upstream, and so they are uniquely qualified to supply the perfect packaging machines to work properly with our products,” maintains Reda.

“Syntegon and Canadian agent Charles Downer & Co. gave great support in developing the project. The machinery offers drop-in change parts and recipe management that keeps our operation running smoothly and efficiently.”

“The projects we have with Syntegon have a very good track record, and we are really excited to continue working with them into the future.”

See the video.


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