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VIDEO: Watch B.C. plant-based protein innovator vacuum-pack with 60 per cent less packaging material

Canadian Packaging   

“Our Reiser Variovac delivers best ROI and quickest payback.”

Listen to TMRW Foods Co-Founder and CEO Dean Blignaut as he explains how his Reiser Variovac Optimus thermoformer blends in with his company’s philosophy of producing exciting, great-tasting foods to please sustainably-conscious consumers.

“Everything we do is aimed at delivering phenomenal experiences without replicating products that already exist.”

By switching to the Varioavc, “we have replaced PET trays with a flexible pouch package.” He is now capable of vacuum packaging, plain seal packaging and MAP packaging with the one machine.

Blignaut demonstrates in the video how easily he can pack his popular South African-inspired plant-based brat sausages at up to 1,500 packs per hour. Easy-to-use HMI, remote diagnostics capabilities and many triggers for machine safety deliver a peerless packaging option.

“We received a creative  financing package from Reiser and reliable equipment for both processing and packaging that allows us to sleep easily at night.”

Watch the machine in action. See how to blend efficiency with sustainability for your contemporary foods.


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