Canadian Packaging

Video: BC pet food company changes thermoformed pack sizes in 2-3 minutes on the go

Canadian Packaging   

“The Reiser Variovac thermoformer makes the packaging process easy for our operators”

Listen to Red Dog Blue Kat pet food owner Inna Shekhtman discuss why she selected Reiser Canada to help her match the quality of pet food packaging to that provided for humans.

“The raw pet food market is still an emerging one. We produce 1 million pounds of product per year.”

“We chose Reiser because I was really impressed with their diversity of equipment and knowledge.”

Watch in the video as Operations Manager Hanif Muljani demonstrates how the Variovac Optimus 45 moves from ¼ lb, to 4 units per pack, to 1 to 2 lb tray sizes with consumer–friendly easy-peel films quickly and effortlessly.

See how the operator cuts the film and replaces 4 stainless steel vacuum tray plates in under 3 minutes to maintain continuous operation with the same role of film as they convert from 1lb to 2 lb packs.

“We’ll also be adding a lane converger at the back end of the machine,” maintains Muljani, “to automatically take 4 packs into one line towards the labeler.”

“A most customizable and configurable machine!”

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