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Video: “Reiser was there when we needed them the most,” says plant-based Vegcheese owner

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“Reiser gave us a vacuum solution for extended product shelf life and scalability of our business”

Entrepreneur Lori Sroujian tells a heartwarming story and demonstrates her Reiser Variovac Optimus thermoformer in this video. “This packaging machine has extended our natural product’s refrigerator life by six months.”

Lori tells how her father’s stroke lead to the development of her plant-based cheese business. We meet her mother, father, and brother as they explain how the Variovac Optimus helped grow their business and how salesman Jeff Kennedy of Reiser treated them as if they “were one of their most important customers.”

Watch as brother Aren Sroujian demonstrates how easy it is to access one of up to 100 recipes that can be stored in the HMI. Nine products are loaded per chamber. “Our customers love how great the packages look, and we are most impressed by the impeccable service we get from Reiser.”

Reiser’s Kennedy adds, “We’re a family business too and want our small-to-medium-sized customers to be the best they can be.”

Lori finishes, “We’re small and mighty. We’ll always be with Reiser.”

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