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See video: “Our robotic carton/case packer delivers new club store/e-commerce avenues,” says Riverside Natural Foods

Canadian Packaging   

In this video, Justin Fluit, VP Operations at Riverside Natural Foods, talks about the latest allergen-free snacks being robotically picked and packed in a duo of Schubert cartoning and case packing machines.

“We needed a long term automation partner to keep up with our growth, “ explains Fluit.

See how the cartoning system runs pillow packs one way toward a robotic pick and place system while in the countercurrent motion filled cartons move towards robotic case gluing and sealing.

Watch as blank cartons are selected, opened for top load, filled and then sealed and directed toward the Schubert case packing station.

Fluit concludes, “We are consistently delighted by the Schubert service people. They go above and beyond and work weekends too for us.”

At the case packing station we witness a Riverside operator on the phone taking a free service troubleshooting call with Schubert personnel.

The demonstration completes with an illustration of the user-friendly HMI system for line maintenance and a presentation of the modular nature of the air and electrical connections.

See the utmost in automation. Watch the video.


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