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See video: “Our new Syntegon 1,400/minute bar-wrapping/cartoning system is priceless,” says Biscuit Leclerc

Canadian Packaging   

“We are wrapping and top-load-cartoning fruit bars at 1,200 bars per minute”

Take a tour of the Biscuits Leclerc Cornwall, Ont. bar-packaging plant and see why Plant Manger Pierre Lagacé declares, “From my experience, these machines are state-of-the-art.”

Vice President of Projects and Logistics Emilie Allen adds, “With today’s recruitment challenges, it is very important to have the highest level of automation. We are operating our highly efficient plant with fewer than ten people.”

In the video, we follow the packaging line from the Sigpack accumulation system that feeds simultaneously the two production lines, each consisting of an HRM wrapper and a TTM2 robotic top-load cartoner.

Watch as Biscuits Leclerc flawlessly wraps at speeds as high as 700 bars per minute per line, for a total output of 1,400 bars per minute.

See the operator-less web stock roll changing on the high-speed HRM followed by the patented bar-orienting system that feeds the TTM2 top-load cartoner, which features robotic pick-and-place of the bars into the cartons that are formed, glued, and closed by high-performance robotic arms.

Emilie Allen adds, “It is very important to have agent Charles Downer & Co. as facilitator and supporter with all service departments at Syntegon HQ in Europe.” The remote diagnostics serves well too.

Says Leclerc’s Lagacé: “The precision of these machines is by far the best we have in the plant.”

Emilie Allen concludes, “We ordered eight more Syntegon machines for our new 800,000 square foot plant near Brockville, Ont.”

Watch the video.


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