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See Video: “Our inkjet box-coding system saves $100,000 in labour costs”

Canadian Packaging   

“Look at the great barcode we can print directly on the box.”

InnuScience is a progressive manufacturer of cleansing liquids for industrial, janitorial, institutional and retail markets.

“We are not chemists. We are micro-biologists,” declares Faye Teasdale, Business Development Director at InnuScience in Ste. Julie, Que.

“We sell around the world, and our sales network is very important to us.” Coding and keeping track of shipments is a top priority.

Listen to Faye as she talks about the company’s desire to find a more cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly way to code their corrugated shipping boxes.

“We turned to the Squid Ink CoPilot Turbo Max coding system introduced to us by DMS Marquage, who provide local sales and service.”

Watch in the video as Faye demonstrates how efficiently and precisely they code barcodes, lot numbers and all other pertinent information.

“The CoPilot Turbo Max comes with a wonderful software system named Orion, which allows operators to use open fields to make changes as required on the fly, without the risk of making mistakes in the print.

“We have a solution that is perfectly recyclable, since there are no labels, and saves us $18,000 a year in material savings, as well as $100,000 a year, by allowing us to re-direct labour to more useful tasks. It does everything a label can do… without the label.”

Watch this box coding system in action.


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