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See video – Osmow’s Foods deploys revolutionary X-ray poultry-bone detection/product recirculation system

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“Most importantly, no customer finds bone fragments in their meal.”

Watch this video and listen to Bernadette Osmow, President of Osmow’s Foods, as she explains how the Eagle PXT bone-fragment detection system with revolutionary new product recirculation features ensures continuity of production with the highest level of fragment detection.

Mat Bédard, VP/Co-Founder of Plan Automation, explains that the Eagle PXT X-ray detection system detects bone fragments “as little as one millimetre.” Equipped with a Recirculation and Re-Inspection Station with a four-lane conveyor system, the Eagle PXT delivers the lowest false reject rate possible at speeds of 175 feet per minute and inspects up to 400 chicken breasts per minute. Bone fragments are detected and rejected going through the X-ray and are then conveyed back to the front of the system, where four operators find and remove the detected fragments on light tables. Product then reflows through the X-ray for delivery.

“We fell in love with this machine,” exclaims Bernadette. “We’ve had no complaints from customers.”

Watch this fabulous food-safety system in action.


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