Canadian Packaging

See the video: “Our deli-meats thermoform machine delivers perfect seals, perfect vacuum, and perfect display in our storefront.”

Canadian Packaging   

“The Reiser Variovac gives us a great entrance to e-commerce sales”

Listen to Mehmet Solmaz of Solmaz Foods as he discusses how he uses his Reiser Variovac Optimus to vacuum-seal various package style and size options for his deli/grocery storefront.

“We see what works in the storefront with customers… and then we take the most successful packs to the production plant behind the store for mass production.”

“The Resier Variovac Optimus delivers a simple construction that is easy to clean and maintain and to fit into our operating space,” maintains Mehmet. “We can store 100 recipes and packaging formats in the HMI that gives us tremendous flexibility and sales options.” Moreover, the machine is not cluttered with lots of sensors and electronics.

“We have bought from Reiser since the beginning because we get all the features we need and the best machine service package in the industry. The new Variovac gives our customers just what they are looking for.”

See the video.


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