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News General
July 26, 2017  

The Circular Economy or Spinning Our Wheels?

News Corrugated Paperboard Packaging General Sustainability
May 12, 2017  

Paper packaging edges closer to 80% average recycled content

News Corrugated Paperboard Packaging Food Safety General
April 11, 2017  

Retailers can’t duck food safety issues when pushing growers to re-use crates

News Corrugated Paperboard Packaging General
June 13, 2016  

CCCA announces 2016–2017 Board of Directors Executive Committee

News Corrugated Food Safety General
January 28, 2016  

Retailer hands container choice back to growers

News Corrugated General
July 10, 2015  

In Memorium: Don Bell

News Paperboard Packaging Sustainability
June 30, 2015  

Most Cartons & Boxes In Canada 100% Recycled Content

News Corrugated Paperboard Packaging General Sustainability
June 30, 2015  

Understanding Recycled Content

Opinion Cartoning Sustainability
April 21, 2015  

No good box should go to the dump!

News Sustainability
January 28, 2015  

NY garbage barge and PPEC history

News Sustainability
April 21, 2014  

CCME’s false claims perpetuate packaging myths 

News Paperboard Packaging Sustainability
March 14, 2014  

Did the Ministry of Environment fudge numbers?

News Sustainability
July 2, 2013  

Canadian paper packaging mills near 80% average recycled content

News Bottling Converting Sustainability
January 10, 2013  

LCBO to change shipping rules

News Converting Sustainability
June 18, 2012  

Paper industry wants old corrugated cartons banned from landfills

News General
July 18, 2011  

Paper packaging mills in Canada near 80% recycled content

News General
June 10, 2011  

Paper associations get boost

News Sustainability
December 8, 2010  

Report slams lack of credible packaging waste and recycling data

News General
August 5, 2010  

PPEC Executive Director Position Available

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