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News Plastic Sustainability
October 30, 2018  

Greenpeace unveils branded plastic trash installation at Yonge-Dundas Square

News Bottles Glass Plastic Sustainability
October 30, 2018  

Pretium positions its SureHandle PET bottle as alternative for glass beer growlers, cold brew coffee

News Plastic Sustainability
September 28, 2018  

Nova chemicals steps in to help fight marine plastic litter by aiming right at the source

News Plastic Design & Innovation General Sustainability
September 24, 2018  

Natrel rewrites the book on cottage cheese with three smooth flavors

News Plastic General
September 20, 2018  

Plastics Machinery Shipments Up 5.9 Percent Y/Y in Q2 of 2018

Opinion Plastic General
September 17, 2018  

Quashing misconceptions in ready meal manufacturing

News Film Plastic Sustainability
September 10, 2018  

The beginning of a revolution in packaging

News General
November 7, 2014  

Global polymer industry – a continuing success story

News General
July 6, 2012  

More investment in China for Husky

News Sustainability
April 9, 2012  

Over 95 Per Cent of Canadians Recycle Plastic Bottles

News General
December 9, 2011  

U.S. FDA decision on BPA by end of March 2012

News General
February 17, 2011  

Plastics sector rebounding in Canada

News Design & Innovation Sustainability
January 17, 2011  

Sustainable packaging: eco-friendly and unbreakable

News General
December 13, 2010  

Nestlé Waters Canada donates recycling infrastructure

product General
October 27, 2010  

Two-Part Package Provides Pasta Pronto

News General
June 7, 2010  

Survey Says Eat Your Soup

News Converting
June 4, 2010  

California Dreaming of No Plastic Bags

News General
June 4, 2010  

Klöckner Pentaplast Adds Polyester Capacity at U.S. Site

News Sustainability
December 10, 2009  

Cola Launches Innovative PlantBottle

News General
June 25, 2009  

Husky Announces PET Awareness Plan

product General
December 16, 2008  

Beaujolais Nouveau Now In PET Bottle

News Sustainability
November 28, 2008  

Lightweight Plastic Tops Metal Strength

News Sustainability
October 28, 2008  

Frozen-food Tray Switch To Cut Plastic Waste

News Sustainability
October 27, 2008  

New Eco-friendly Packaging Dazzles With Color

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