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Opinion Case Packing Coding & Labeling Printing Robotics General
September 28, 2018  

Something for everyone

News General
May 7, 2018  

PAC Packaging Consortium releases new sustainability checklist for packaging

News General
April 26, 2018  

PAC TO THE FUTURE II- three president storytellers and agenda announced

features Design & Innovation
March 7, 2018  

The Art Of Winning—January/February 2018, Canadian Packaging, PAC Connect 2018

features Design & Innovation
March 6, 2018  

Happy Bunnies—January/February 2018, Canadian Packaging

News General
March 1, 2018  

intelliPACK Leadership Council names new co-chairs after roaring start

News Design & Innovation General
February 28, 2018  

2018 PAC Global Leadership Awards winners announced

News Printing Automation General
February 20, 2018  

Samplepak tour and networking luncheon

News Cartoning Case Packing Palletizing Automation
January 16, 2018  

PAC presents: Nuspark tour and luncheon

News Paperboard Packaging General
November 8, 2017  

Flow Water invites PAC members and guests for a tour of its new state-of-the-art production facility

News General
October 30, 2017  

PAC’s Select Food Products Plant Tour – Afternoon Tour Added

News General
October 27, 2017  

PAC presents a tour of LCBO’s Summerhill facility on December 7, 2017

News General
October 11, 2017  

Call for entries: PAC Global Leadership Awards

News General
August 28, 2017  

Sgsco plant tour

News Design & Innovation General
June 22, 2017  

Conestoga packaging engineering students win international competition

News Film Plastic Printing Design & Innovation
May 5, 2017  

TC Transcontinental Packaging triple winner at PAC Canadian Leadership Awards

News Plastic Sustainability
April 19, 2017  

Canada Fibers & Urban Polymers MRF & PRF Tour

News General
March 27, 2017  

Packaging’s path forward for a circular economy

News Design & Innovation Food Safety General Sustainability
February 2, 2017  

Invitation to join intelliPACK

News General Sustainability
September 26, 2016  

PAC announces promotion in Sustainable Team

News Bagging/Weighing Film Paperboard Packaging Design & Innovation General
May 19, 2016  

PAC’s Just One Package Challenge winners announced

News Corrugated Paperboard Packaging General
February 9, 2016  

Come see the Eclipse

features Flexibles Automation Converting Design & Innovation
December 17, 2015  

The upbeat Tempo – November 2015, Canadian Packaging

News General
September 24, 2015  

Printed electronics for intelligent packaging

News Food Safety
September 18, 2015  

IFS PACsecure HACCP implementation course

News General
August 27, 2015  

PAC’s Hole-In-One

News Sustainability
July 27, 2015  

Packaging, Food Waste and the Environment

News Food Safety
July 7, 2015  

Food security is Priority One at PAC

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