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Xerox and The Nature Conservancy extend partnership

April 27, 2010
by Purchasingb2b Staff

Xerox Corporation has committed to a second phase of its partnership with The Nature Conservancy.

Xerox will invest an additional $1 million over the next year to help support the Conservancy’s projects.

The two companies first partnered in January 2007, when Xerox announced an initial batch of funding worth $1 million.

Much of the work during the first phase involved the protection of the Boreal forest in Canada, including the launch and deployment of the Canadian Boreal Data Centre, which links forest data and information across continents to improve resource management, monitoring and conservation planning.

The first phase also supported activities aimed at implementing the high conservation value (HCV) concept in the Boreal forest, which helps identify priority habitats.

Phase two

A number of initiatives are planned for the second project, including:

•    The development and testing of a broadly applicable forest carbon methodology for improved forest management, allowing landowners to achieve forest certification;
•    The strengthening of the HCV approach to build consistency across projects, disseminate standards and train assessors through global and regional HCV networks;
•    The promotion of responsible forestry through the implementation of forest management standards by working with Xerox suppliers and other land managers at two cites in North America (central-western New York and the Canadian Boreal forest).

“Our work will help stem the tide of forest loss and degradation that contributes approximately 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere each year,” said Bill Ginn, chief conservation officer at The Nature Conservancy.

“It’s partnerships like these that are starting to change how forests are managed and how areas of HCV are treated within working landscapes.”

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