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Essentra launches branded Rippatape to enhance consumer gifting experience in E-commerce packaging

Rippatape, the original market-leading tape-based opening device for board and paper-based packaging, is now available printed in up to 10 colours, enabling branding to be placed at consumers’ fingertips.

Intuitive to use and easy to implement, Rippatape gives fast, safe and immediate access to the contents of corrugated and fibreboard packaging. It also ensures the box remains intact for any returns, minimizing product damage and reducing any need for further packaging.

“Easy opening is a key benefit to consumers and Rippatape has been delivering this to brands for over 60 years,” comments Ian Beresford, Head of Marketing and Development at Essentra Tear Tapes. “Combined with our capability to print in up to 10 colours it can also carry the latest branding too and deliver this as an integral part of the gifting experience that is fundamental for today’s e-commerce brands.”

The ability to print the Rippatape allows a diverse range of brand messages and logos to be added and builds on the growing demand consumers have not just for packaging functionality, but also for brand integrity.


“We are seeing increasing demand for the ability to carry promotional messages and campaigns as the e-commerce packaging sector has grown. Rippatape is proving to be the ideal carrier for this, from simple brand logos to a range of campaign messages and slogans our 10-station gravure printing can match the precise requirements of retailers and brand owners.”

With the rise of e-commerce gifting, the opening of a box is increasingly becoming a key part of the overall gifting experience. If a customer receives a pack they find innovative and attractive, this encourages engagement, influencing brand advocacy and improving recognition. As part of this process Rippatape is one of the first points of customer interaction with a brand and by utilizing Essentra’s world-class print capability, social media icons, prompts, seasonal messages and loyalty codes can be added to provide an additional opportunity for engaging with customers. This can help take customers back to a brand’s website or to showcase different product ranges and win repeat purchases.

Increasingly brand owners need multi-functionality where elements of the pack can perform more than one role – not just opening, but also informing and protecting. These additional benefits help to reinforce positive perceptions about a product and support brand image and positioning.

Using Rippatape® also means knives or other sharp implements are removed from the opening process thereby minimizing the risk of product damage and possible personal injury, helping to meet environmental and CSR objectives. The tamper-evident nature of Rippatape® gives a clear indication if a package has been opened previously, providing customer confidence on the authenticity of their parcel and contents.

Importantly, Rippatape® does not impede on the recycling of the boards that it is applied to, the tape can be recycled through established recycling processes. This is a key benefit of Essentra’s water-based adhesive solution.

Brands can make use of the space on branded Rippatape to promote their own green credentials in an innovative way. Essentra Tear Tapes currently have several innovation projects driving towards the supply of fully sustainable tape options.

Rippatape can be easily applied to new and existing product lines at speeds of up to 450 metres a minute at the point of board manufacture by using Essentra’s custom build applicators.

“When packaging works at its best, it makes people feel good about the product. Our new printed Rippatape delivers easy opening across corrugated and fibreboard boxes, whilst simultaneously providing the opportunity to easily integrate highly effective and eye-catching promotions or campaigns within their pack designs,” concludes Ian.

“This combination of consumer convenience, together with the ability to deliver promotional communications, delivers exceptional value to e-commerce and retail packaging.”


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