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Thaiwala Launches First All-Natural, Crazy Good Authentic Thai Tea Concentrate In Sustainable Cartons From SIG

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Thaiwala has managed to brew and package the magic of this traditional beverage in the combiblocSlimline packaging from SIG

The unique taste and aroma of Thai tea has had its roots in the culture and cuisine of Thailand for decades. The complex concoction is not the easiest to prepare however, and could prove time consuming and messy. Without sacrificing flavor and the unmatched experience of enjoying a freshly poured cup, Thaiwala has managed to brew and package the magic of this traditional beverage in the combiblocSlimline packaging from SIG. Enthusiasts and newcomers alike will therefore be able to effortlessly savor the original drink hot or cold in a matter of minutes, not hours, by simply adding rich milk or dairy alternatives of choice to the concentrate for a refreshing sip and utmost convenience and accessibility.

100% Natural, 100% Delicious

Crafted with ethically-sourced organic black tea from a 500-acre farm in northern Thailand, fresh cut proprietary Thai herbs, pure cane sugar, organic caramel, natural vanilla, pure cocoa powder, and beta-carotene from carrots, the brand is obsessed with clean ingredients and transparency. All the better, the new concentrate is brewed in small batches, and is vegan, gluten free, soy free, and non-GMO with an 18 months shelf life. The product can be steamed like a latte or poured over ice for a Thai iced tea. The versatile concoction can also be used with tapioca pearls for bubble tea, blended into a frappe, smoothie or a milkshake, shaken into a cocktail, or reduced for baking into desserts and infused into ice cream. The possibilities are vast and delicious.

Dependable Packaging for a Quality Product

Thaiwala’s avid focus on authenticity and sustainability sets its creation apart from the myriad of beverage options. In staying true to the company’s beliefs, it found the ideal packaging in SIG’s combiblocSlimline 32 FL OZ (969ml) carton. Lightweight, unbreakable, and easy to handle, the package is a convenient vehicle for consumers to easily enjoy the concentrate. Moreover, the single action closure further provides ease in opening and protecting the product inside.

In terms of sustainability, the carton and closure as a whole are fully recyclable. Carton packs have been proven to be among the most environmentally-friendly packaging solutions for long-life foods and beverages. All of SIG’s packages are also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This means that only raw cardboard made of pulp from trees harvested in FSC-certified and other controlled sources are used in creating the cartons, and are hence able to display the FSC label.

Altogether, the sustainable characteristics of the packaging provide customers with product innovation and differentiation as part of SIG’s Value Proposition. It serves as a means to bring quality food and beverage items to consumers, ensuring mutual success within partnerships.

“I created Thaiwala because I didn’t see a truly all-natural Thai iced tea in cafés or grocery stores and I wanted to make a healthier version that I felt good drinking,” said Heather Howitt, founder of Thaiwala. “The choice to use SIG’s sustainable packaging goes along with our mission to create an authentic product from beginning to end.”

Thaiwala Thai Tea concentrate is currently available online at, in select tea and coffee shops, and for retail in grocery stores across the country.


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