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New Eco-friendly Packaging Dazzles With Color

By Canadian Packaging Staff   

Sustainability AgroResin Rainbow biodegradable Plastic PWP Industries

Anyone who thinks that sustainable packaging must by definition look dull and lifeless should have a good look at the new AgroResin Rainbow series of biodegradable fiber-composite packaging recently developed by the Vernon, Ca.-based plastic food packaging thermoformer PWP Industries.

“The variety of vibrant colors opens up exciting new possibilities for the use of the already popular packaging,” says PWP Industries director of new business development Scott Sanders.

“The intense and undeniably attractive colors of the AgroResin Rainbow series have been specially formulated to accentuate the packaging of food and produce to enhance their marketing appeal,” says Sanders, noting that in addition to being available in numerous shapes, sizes and colors, the Rainbow series packaging also exhibits good grease and water resistance, permeability to air, and full microwavabiltiy.

Made primarily of cellulose or lignocellulose fibers held together by adhesives, the AgroResin molded fiber composite can be made from virtually any plant fiber, according to PWP, which plans to market the new trays to food companies wanting to stress their own sustainability credentials to the buying public.


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