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MULTIVAC will be exhibiting at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019

From 6 to 8 Feb. 2019 MULTIVAC will be exhibiting at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019 as a supplier of complete solutions for the food sector. In addition to packaging solutions, which contribute to extending the shelf life of fresh products, another major focus of the trade fair will be the presentation of sustainable packaging concepts and attractive labeling solutions for fruit and vegetables as well as snacks and fresh cut products of all types.

The exhibits will include the G 700 traysealer, which offers a high degree of flexibility when running different tray formats, as well as achieving a high level of output at maximum efficiency. Depending on the product to be packed, the G 700 can produce tray packs with or without modified atmosphere. At FRUIT LOGISTICA the traysealer will be exhibited with a perforator for producing FreshSAFE packs for blueberries. This enables standard upper web to be perforated during the packaging procedure, so that an equilibrium modified atmosphere (EMAP) is produced within the pack. This means that the packaged fruit remains fresh for longer without the addition of preservatives. The traysealer will run PLA trays, which are produced from renewable raw materials. These will be sealed with an upper web (also PLA) and then labelled.

The packs will be labelled on a L 310 conveyor belt labeller, which applies a D label to the packs. This type of labelling offers many possibilities in the design of the pack, and this in turn contributes significantly to increasing the attractiveness of these packs at the point of sale.

From its wide range of thermoforming packaging machines, MULTIVAC will be showing the R 085 e-concept for packing treated vegetables in flexible film packs. The machine will be exhibited packing beetroot. This compact machine is a cost-effective, entry-level solution for hand producers and smaller processors, as well as for companies, which produce a wide range of dedicated packs in small batches for many dif- ferent food products. The R 085 can be used very flexibly in the production room, since it is operated without water and compressed air, and the position of the machine is therefore not tied to any service connections.


In addition to this, MULTIVAC will also be showing at the trade fair a number of sustainable packaging solutions, which contribute to reducing the consumption of packaging materials and increasing the level of recyclability. One example is MULTIVAC PaperBoard – a packaging concept, which enables MAP and skin packs made of paper fibre-based materials to be produced on thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers. The carrier material can be run in the form of either rolls or pre-cut sheets. Pre-made trays can also be used. All the materials can be separated into their respective parts by the end user and the paper backing sent for recycling.


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