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Germany gets its just desserts utilizing two-chamber container technology.

Hockenheim, Germany—While the new Monte desserts from Zott are garnering rave reviews for its tastiness, its packaging is playing a key role in its success.

The flavor stays fresh thanks to the modern two-cup chamber system with folding seam that keeps the unique Monte cream—a combination of creamy milk, chocolate and hazelnuts—and fruit or crispy ingredients separate until they are mixed just before eating.

The two dessert components are mixed when the consumer bends the packaging at the fold line and mixes the ingredients just before eating. This enables the dessert to be partially or completely mixed, or eaten separately.

The plastic container is manufactured using a thin-walled injection technique with in-mould labeling by the Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG), Europe’s leading supplier of composite cans, composite drums and plastic containers.


Perfect all-around labeling is achieved using the special Weidenhammer full-cover technique that enables the sides and bottom of the plastic container to be seamlessly processed without edges.

Hey! Look!
Competition is fierce in the dessert segment, and this makes it all the more important to attract attention with an eye-catching product appearance.

The Monte dessert from Zott, a tradition-rich Bavarian company, stands out in two ways:

  1. the four Zott Monte varieties, Cherry, Crunchy, Cappuccino Balls and Shortbread, clearly meet consumer demand for a selection of different tastes;
  2. the practical two-chamber plastic container enables quick enjoyment based on individual preferences.

“Our two-chamber container is a key aspect of the overall product,” explains WPP sales director Andreas Rothschink. “Above all, it offers consumers maximum convenience. Simple and practical handling enables them to easily create their own dessert according to individual preferences.”

High-quality packaging
WPP started manufacturing the modern plastic containers in 2013—but but before this, approximately 12 months were spent on packaging development and testing.

In cooperation with Zott, Weidenhammer experts worked on the design and the construction of the special container.

“For Monte desserts it is extremely important to ensure that the cream remains separate from the other ingredients in the filling process,” says Rothschink. “This would significantly affect the shelf life of the product and ultimately its taste.”

The container’s two chambers are optimally spaced and, thanks to the integrated fold line, the contents can be mixed by consumers with a flick of the wrist.

The packaging is practically unbreakable, notes Rothschink: “The material is high quality polypropylene (PP), which is flexible, bends easily and is ideal for refrigerated display cases.”

Sealed with an aluminum membrane, the plastic container offers optimum product protection ensuring the product is fresh at the time of purchase.

Full surface labeling using the full cover technique
WPP leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the design. The two-chamber containers are produced using the IML injection moulding process that handles manufacturing and labeling in a single step.

This guarantees high-precision, attractive plastic containers that clearly emphasize the high quality of the brand product.

WPP uses the full-cover technique for Zott Monte dessert containers—a  technology that enables the sides and bottom of the plastic container to be seamlessly processed without edges.

“We are currently the only company on the market that offers this process,” says Rothschink. “The technique allows full surface labeling that covers even the rounded edges.”

This not only gives the container a unique look and feel, with rounded edges offering consumers the opportunity to spoon out the last bit of Monte dessert from the container.

Just one more way the packaging enhances product enjoyment.

With 12 production sites, 1,100 employees and annual sales of €250 million, the Weidenhammer Packaging Group is one of the world’s two leading suppliers of composite cans, composite drums and plastic containers. F

Founded in Hockenheim, Germany in 1955, the family-owned enterprise has evolved over the past 55 years to become a market and technology leader in its segment. Weidenhammer customers include international brand product manufacturers Nestlé, Unilever, Kelloggʼs, Mondelez, Rügenwalder Mühle, Imperial Tobacco and BAT.

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