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How to rinse your recyclables without wasting water

Writer Nick Douglas offers a candid take on just what consumers should do with recyclable products when they have finished using them.

June 19, 2018   by Nick Douglas @ Lifehacker

When it comes to recycling your just used product, Canadians, nay, North Americans are a loss at just what they should do next.

Do you rinse food waste from them by running it through the dishwasher; do you leave it because what the heck, it’s someone else’s problem; or do you leave it because you don’t want to waste water? What should you do to be a good global citizen?

Writer Nick Douglas for the on-line magazine Lifehacker offers up a quick and dirty look at just what we, as consumers, should do to maximize the environmental impact on recyclable goods.

Click HERE to read the full article.

Photo by Bas Emmen on Unsplash

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