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Helping children cope with the loss of a pet while keeping waterways clean

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Paw Pods offers biodegradable pet fish coffins made of sustainable bamboo and rice husk.

Losing the family pet can be particularly hard on children—this may even be their first experience with death.

Fish tend to be the “starter pets” for kids. However, that doesn’t diminish the important lessons of responsibility and compassion that are instilled from pet ownership. With a short life span, it’s inevitable that young ones will see that first pet pass away, with the first instinct to flush it down the toilet.

Paw Pods, of Lake Orion, MI, has developed amongst its various pet resting products, the new Fish Pods, which it believes will help children avoid the trauma of seeing a pet treated poorly by being flushed down a toilet.

Paw Pods believes the use of its Fish Pod pet fish burial product will help serve as an important teaching tool for parents, allowing children to become part of the entire process.


Creativity helps the healing process, and with Paw Pods 100 percent green, biodegradable pet burial pods, both guardian and child can decorate the pet pod using crayons by adding with the pet’s name or drawing pictures to allow the child to be involved in creating a pet memorial to better help leave their sadness behind.

Paw Pods are:

  • 100% Biodegradable – no artificial colors;
  • Made with sustainable bamboo and rice husk;
  • Constructed to be as sturdy as possible while remaining eco-friendly;
  • Can be drawn on or painted as a coping tool by owners and children.

Along with the flushing away of dead pet fish down the toilet, many people who have a fish but no longer wish to keep it oft times choose to release it into the wild, assuming it is a kindness.

However, this can create infestations in storm drains, ponds and rivers that kill the ecosystem, can create a competitor and predator to local fish, and affect the growth of native plants.

Not only is it illegal and unfair to your pet, but goldfish, for example, will harm the natural environment as they can grow to the size of dinner plates.

Paw Pods has partnered with the Alberta Aquatic Invasive Species program in its new campaign “Don’t Let Loose”  designed to educate the public on the impacts of intentional release of non-native fish, plants, and invertebrates.

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